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That's why our defeat by New Zealand in 2013 doesn't rankle with me like maybe it should.
The current Rhinos squad contains 12 members of the side that went down 28-20 to the Sea Eagles and McDermott, who is taking charge of his first World Club Challenge, reveals that defeat still rankles.
The pain following their controversial defeat in the Millennium Stadium last March was bad enough, but the shattering loss in the World Cup quarterfinal still rankles with the Irish fans who made the 38,000-kilometre round trip down to New Zealand.
It still rankles, especially as we led twice, but Tuesday's game is not about revenge.
It still rankles, so challenge him to explain why he imagined such a painfully obvious comparison was acceptable.
A no-brainer lay Punting low Missing 9-2 about Quws Law at Ayr on Wednesday still rankles.
IF there is one thing that rankles me about Newcastle United, it is their backroom staff.
But it rankles with Woods and when asked whether they would shake hands, he replied: "I don't know.
The demise of ``Joan of Arcadia'' after two seasons still rankles Mantegna, who wishes the well-regarded family series could have been given a chance in a better time slot than Friday nights.
The 22-year-old Scouser aims to hit the ground running after being left out of the final four matches last season a decision that still rankles with him.
Although only aimed for his own sessions, his request still rankles in Davidson County which is currently embroiled in a federal lawsuit over a sign reading "In God We Trust" on its government building.
One controversial subject on the table is possibly extending the length of the Great Lakes shipping season -- weather permitting -- by one or two weeks at the beginning or end of the year, an issue that rankles many environmental groups.