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Ford did not wait, but ransacked his pockets, with the result of sixty cents.
Through our secret service we ransacked every prison in the land.
We passed some houses that had been ransacked and since deserted; we saw also a spectacle, which my guides viewed with high satisfaction; it was the skeleton of an Indian with the dried skin hanging on the bones, suspended to the branch of a tree.
We reach in desperation beyond the fog, beyond the very stars, the voids of the universe are ransacked to justify the monster, and stamped with a human face.
There were no other weapons, though I thoroughly ransacked the three remaining state-rooms.
Our good child ransacked all her drawers, cupboards, reticules, and gimcrack boxes--passed in review all her gowns, fichus, tags, bobbins, laces, silk stockings, and fallals-- selecting this thing and that and the other, to make a little heap for Rebecca.
She took him by the hand, and without taking her eyes off him, gazed at him while she ransacked her mind for the words to say that would keep him.
Israeli soldiers also stormed and ransacked several houses in the southern Hebron neighborhood of Jabal Jawhar and several other houses in the Hebron locality of al-Kassara, near the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba.
Windows of PIPS House on the Antrim Road in North Belfast were smashed and the inside ransacked in the early hours of yesterday morning.
Talking to representatives of different media organizations after a visit of the ransacked Mardan Grid Station here on Saturday, Ameer Muqam claimed that the damages carried out by the protesters had caused a loss of Rs.
Dozens of safety deposit boxes were ransacked after criminals drilled their way in to the vault over Easter.
ey admitted taking the laptop and jewellery, as well as watches, clothes and a hat from a property in Grove Road which the pair erty in Grove Road which the pair had ransacked.