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They ransacked the clinic and broke its glass doors before turning up on the Jaranwala Road.
Similar raids were carried out in al-Fawwar refugee camp and Idhna town, south and west of Hebron, where soldiers ransacked the houses of a university lecturer and a former prisoner.
According to reporter, the troops went berserk and beat passersby and ransacked shops in Shirpora area of Islamabad town.
The residence of veteran Pakistani journalist Marvi Sirmed was found ransacked on June 21.
She told the Paisley Daily Express: "The person ransacked the whole shop.
Reports said a group of around 25 monkeys entered a section of the Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit University located in Darbhanga district on Wednesday and ransacked the office for around 30 minutes.
Ramallah, Sha'ban 03, 1439, April 19, 2018, SPA -- Israeli forces Thursday invaded several villages and towns in the West Bank city of Hebron, searched and ransacked many Palestinians' homes, according to a Palestinian source.
KAMALIA -- Six dacoits entered and ransacked a grocery store, beat the store owner and made off with Rs200,000 at Delhi Chowk here the other day.
A COMMUNITY bank has been ransacked by burglars overnight - but customers' money is safe.
A large contingent of police is present at the DHQ Hospital, which was ransacked by protesters a day earlier, and only patients are being allowed to enter the premises.
A MAN ransacked the home of another man on two occasions.
In Nablus city, the IOF ransacked homes and kidnapped citizens during a campaign in the eastern district.