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Once the death was confirmed, a large number of people gathered there and they ransacked the hospital, held the doctor and other staff hostage there.
The accused thrashed storeowner Abdul Khaliq at gunpoint, ransacked the grocery store, looted Rs0.
But whoever has broken in has completely ransacked the place, probably thinking we keep money on site overnight.
As protests re-erupted in the city on Thursday, the house of local provincial lawmaker Naeem Safdar was ransacked.
Durban [South Africa], November 19 ( ANI ): An Indian diplomat's house was ransacked in South Africa while his family was held at gunpoint.
In Nablus, in northern West Bank, Israeli army ransacked the district offices of TransMedia and PalMedia and ransacked their content and equipment.
The victim sought refuge with his grandparents but the house was ransacked a second time.
A large number of Israeli troops also stormed at dawn Balata refugee camp in Nablus and ransacked homes and stores.
They ransacked the property on the Ribadoo Road near Ballyward in Co Down, at around 7.
Newcastle Crown Court heard Sewell, who has a track record of 132 offences and 14 convictions, broke into a home on Westfield Park on November 10 and ransacked the property while the owner was out.
They have came in through the window and just basically ransacked the place.
Talking to representatives of different media organizations after a visit of the ransacked Mardan Grid Station here on Saturday, Ameer Muqam claimed that the damages carried out by the protesters had caused a loss of Rs.