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Chelmsford crown court heard that in one case the graffiti he wrote said: "The Stalking Ransacker 35th burglary police suck media attention."
DeAngelo, who served in the Navy, was a police officer in Exeter, in the San Joaquin Valley, from 1973 to 1976, at a time a burglar known as the Visalia Ransacker was active, Jones said.
The Chinese government branded the action "intolerable" and the protesters "criminals." It's worth noting that the ransackers of the government building stopped to leave money to cover the price of refreshments they took.
Yogi organized a team of unemployed youth to serve as vigilantes in the defence of cows and of "community honour." The vague definition given to the defence of 'community honour' authorizes them to be irresponsible intruders into every situation: to act as anti-Romeo squads, cow protectors, conversion-preventers, patriotism-imposers, ransackers of business houses and theatres.
What they did was disgusting, and almost at once so-called 'ransackers' were splitting open dumped bin bags and spreading their contents across the back lanes and streets.