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He held certain lawyers responsible for the ransacking of the courtroom, and argued that they should have sought remedy under the Legal Practitioners Bar Council Act, 1973 if they had any grievance regarding the bar election.
He similarly condemned the 2011 ransacking of the British Embassy in Tehran.
Yet they still locked the house so Gary and Kirsty couldn't get in, sealed water pipes and the lavatory, turned the electricity off and took jewellery and money as well as ransacking the place.
I believe the victim interrupted, or was about to interrupt, Haynes as he was ransacking the bedroom,'' Deputy District Attorney Kelly Cromer said.
ignored her questions as to what he wanted, and began ransacking her house.
I sympathise with him for having his car ransacked in broad daylight but the ransacking of a car bears no comparison to the terrible, endless suffering of many Merseyside families who have lost loved ones in road accidents as a result of speeding motorists.
But prosecutors say Anders, who appeared in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court in a wheelchair, has no physical disability and it was he who stabbed his wife before ransacking the home and making up a story about a burglar.
Apparently, after inflicting horrific injuries on her head, he carried on ransacking the house.
When he said no, they forced their way into the house and began ransacking rooms.
KASUR -- B-Division police on Sunday booked more than 300 unidentified protesters in two FIRs for ransacking the offices of local parliamentarians of the ruling party and setting ablaze vehicles and valuables during violent agitation here on Jan 11, following rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab.
Ghulam Mohammad, a resident of Mir Mohalla, said, 'Besides ransacking our house, the forces' personnel damaged several other houses by knocking down the doors.
In Bethlehem district, troops conducted a similar raid into Tuqoa town, east of Bethlehem, detaining two Palestinians, including a 14-year-old minor, after ransacking their family homes.