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New Delhi [India], July 27 ( ANI ): The No More Ransom initiative launched by the Dutch National Police, Europol, McAfee and Kaspersky Lab in July 2016, celebrates a year today with 100 partners, as major ransomware attacks continue to dominate the news, affecting businesses, governments and individuals all over the world.
Noynoy Aquino, watch this; if you will not give us the ransom, we will cut this Canadian's head off.
Italian politicians welcomed the liberation of two Italian aid volunteers held hostage in Syria but their release drew criticism over a possible ransom payment.
Hours after Ramelli and Marzullo stepped off a plane in Rome, Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni told the lower house of Parliament the reports of a ransom "were void of any basis in reality" and expressed surprise "that these sources were given credit without any verification.
But Mayor Hussin Amin of Jolo, the capital of Sulu province, called for an investigation of the alleged involvement of Philippine officials in the payment of the ransom money.
The Prime Minister told the Commons he has no doubts that millions of dollars raised by Islamic State from ransom payments is used to promote terrorism affecting the UK.
The official line is that Germany doesn't pay ransoms.
For the first time the Council calls on Member States to work with the private sector to respond to terrorist kidnappings without paying ransoms.
Summary: Non-governmental group attempting to secure release of ailing South African man kidnapped in Yemen says it has received fresh ransom demand.
BEIRUT: Two kidnapped men were freed overnight Wednesday in separate cases in northern and central Bek Valley after their ransoms were paid.
The Taliban abducted a teacher, named Arif, from his house last week and demand 200,000 afghanis ($4,300) in ransom," a resident of the Sherbaik area in Qush Tepa district told Pajhwok Afghan News.