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Currently finishing a sequel to Rant, while plotting books three and four in the series, it is clear Alfie Crow intends to take us as far as he can.
We're giving you "first dibs" on becoming a subscriber to Internet Rant.
As for political blogs, these are the wallpaper of the blogosphere, and take the form of daily rants.
Paired with the Samsung Rant, we make it even easier for customers to get unlimited access to some of their favorite Web-based email services while on the go--without breaking the bank.
Hogan is suing US site Gawker for posting it online but last night apologised for the rant.
He made the rant amid fears the UK could break up if England votes to leave the EU and Scotland votes to stay in.
Hassan Youssef, commends Holtreman for his successful creation and management of Screen Rant and looks forward to working with its highly talented editorial team.
Dennis Fois, CEO of Rant & Rave, added: "I'm really impressed by what the girls at Rant & Rave have achieved.
The 21-year-old daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus took to Twitter to clarify that her controversial rant was not directed at the 'Hunger Games' actor, instead, she was just trying to "rile up the boys", the Mirror reported.
Khloe Kardashian's latest rant on social media is another indirect message to her ex Lamar Odom.
Your rant was so endless that it began to err on the verge of nonsense.
The normally effortlessly polite and calmly spoken Robinson launched an after match rant about 'embarrassing' decisions by the referee that had robbed his League I side of victory over their Premier League rivals.