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Never a stickler for historical accuracy in his own heroic plays, Dryden's prologue to The Widdow Ranter lamely informs the audience: "The Story's true; the Fact not long-ago; / The Hero of our stage was English too" (38-39), and nothing in the prologue indicates that Dryden had previous knowledge of Bacon's Rebellion before picking up Behn's text.
Ranter also said the frequency of serious but nonfatal accidents and incidents across Africa basically has stayed flat since 2000.
Unlike Joan, who is digging hers by biting off a publishing cheque that shows her as the bitter, old, right-wing ranter she truly is.
He's quietly confident, not a shouter or a ranter and raver, he just does it.
The ranter is not necessarily more vulnerable than someone who keeps his cool," he added.
I am not a ranter and raver, there was no cups thrown, but they were left in no doubt that the display against Northampton wasn't acceptable, not to the coaching staff, the supporters or themselves," said Young.
Ranter Bassi, whose children are also studying in Australia, also shared similar sentiments
Organisers are encouraging people to invite friends or colleagues to compete against each other to see who is the best ranter and create a panel of judges to decide on the funniest rant, or ask people to rant on the same subject and see who runs out of steam quickest.
War is also still a pre-occupation with my writing, although I don't want to come across as just a ranter.
THIS week's ranter is former newsreader Selina Scott who speaks out against the TV industry.
The Widow Ranter reveals that for the native woman being gazed at and being represented on stage has profoundly "dangerous consequences"; for white women, the theatrical impersonation of the Indian woman has the same "dangerous" effects "as 'going native' in the real world" (106).