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I'll certainly be ranting and raving about this tale of a rabid rogue for a long time to come.
If there's such a thing as a typical Hawkinson, Ranting Mop Head (Synthesized Voice), 1995, comes close.
It's got some well thought out treatises on the state of skating, some political rants about GW, but also some ranting about local politics that droned for a bit and didn't mean much to me.
I don't agree with Paula Adamick infuriating some Muslims by using a woman who speaks some truth but ultimately is ranting.
Inside the paper your editorial accuses Mr Sewell of ranting and it then goes on to show how ranting should be done.
They would rather revel in ranting than resolve to remedy what ails us.
AP--"Joe Canadian"--who made a name for himself last year ranting in a beer commercial that everything about America overshadows its neighbor to the north--has headed south.