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Inside the paper your editorial accuses Mr Sewell of ranting and it then goes on to show how ranting should be done.
They would rather revel in ranting than resolve to remedy what ails us.
AP--"Joe Canadian"--who made a name for himself last year ranting in a beer commercial that everything about America overshadows its neighbor to the north--has headed south.
The exclusive footage of Waters ranting at a recent ifcRANT photo shoot can also be found online at www.
One study assessed whether individuals felt calmer or angrier after ranting on an Internet site, and whether people who frequent rant-sites are more likely to have problems related to anger.
English teacher and writer Chris Firth had the idea for the animation called Richard Ranting.
CONGRATULATIONS to actor Ian Hart (ECHO, April 30) for confirming the stereotype about schizophrenics-that they are all mad, ranting people unable to hold themselves together in normal society.