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Dear Internet Rant Subscriber, Here's a small sample of the tips, tactics, and techniques you've discovered in the Internet Rant in the past several months .
The Michigan CU said it has already been receiving rant video returns from its kiosks in several college towns including those at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith and at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor.
You can set up your own company blog, effectively providing those who have a burning desire to rant a place to do it.
Such is the force of Emin's bitching rant that even benign objects are cast in a sinister light.
The second study evaluated how people reacted emotionally to reading and writing rants online-whether they became more or less happy or angry.
Kanye West went on a rant during a concert performance, as he spoke about Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and Taylor Swift while in London over the weekend.
He ends this rant with a comment on the Government's negative attitude towards the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged without presenting any evidence to support his empty claims.
Previous speakers in the Rebel Rants series have included Germaine Greer and Martin Bell.
A BA spokeman said that after a probe into rants posted on the social network site in June "an employee has been dismissed for gross misconduct".
The most highly Burned rants eventually reach the home page of FlameUp.
Gigs are routinely interrupted by the Irish frontman's rants against poverty, racism and injustice, and Bono said it had led to 'raised eyebrows' among his fellow band-members.