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Dear Internet Rant Subscriber, Here's a small sample of the tips, tactics, and techniques you've discovered in the Internet Rant in the past several months .
Forget the rants, Mr Mellor and dwell on the past misdemeanours of the force in your day.
Blogging in PR, Marketing Communications and Advertising is less of a place to rant, and more of a format to uplift the profession and push the envelope.
Male rants, after all, are considered cultural; female rants, premenstrual.
Its "bliki" platform provides a combination of blogging and wiki tools for impassioned rants, raves, and reviews.
amp;nbsp;He later added, "Tomorrow, the headlines are going to be, 'Donald Trump rants and raves.
How people feel after reading and writing rants and the effects of this behavior is explored in an article in Cyber psychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert.
The pair will be appearing at the Adelphi on October 11 as part of Writing On The Wall's Rebel Rants series.
JOHN W Gray went off on one of his rants that displays an obsessive and blinding hatred of the Tories.
Speaking to the Daily Post before the show, Mr Tatchell said: "The series is called Rebel Rants and I am a bit of a rebel.
A BA spokeman said that after a probe into rants posted on the social network site in June "an employee has been dismissed for gross misconduct".
Gigs are routinely interrupted by the Irish frontman's rants against poverty, racism and injustice, and Bono said it had led to 'raised eyebrows' among his fellow band-members.