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Although the softer virgin binder grade resulted in an increase in the fatigue life at 25 percent RAP, it did not have as strong an effect on the 40 percent RAP mixes.
Furthermore, RAP and RIF shareholders will be asked to elect a class I trustee of each Fund, consider the issuance of additional RAP common shares, proposed revisions to the fundamental investment objectives and restrictions of RAP and a new investment advisory contract between RAP and RMR Advisors Inc regarding the proposed merger.
Where teachers once played the rock n' roll tunes of "Schoolhouse Rocks" to explain everything from government to grammar, they now turn to rap to renew Shakespeare or geometry.
Due to the variability of RAP material, experience has generally shown that mixture quality can be more easily controlled by using less than 25% RAP (Asphalt Institute 1994).
After forgetting the words to Rolling In The Deep, Adele had sworn four times in a couple of seconds, so if the rap lyrics are worse than that, it must be absolute filth.
When I rap in Arabic, I speak of the social and political issues in the region.
Prior to the 2007 establishment of RAP, each UCSF funding agency ran independent competitions.
All the other added amino acids suppressed Rap biosynthesis by different degrees and the complete cessation was in case of L-cysteine.
IAG Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Mr Mike Wilkins, said while IAG has always supported indigenous Australians, its RAP brings together the Group's existing work and details the initiatives that it will undertake over the next two years as part of a formal reconciliation journey.
And yes, I believe rap is the easiest way to deliver an idea or to express myself, and it's the most effective type of music for people at this point in time.
Music, and the staccato chatter of rap, connect these young people to a world and a future that still seems far away.