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In turn, it bolsters the Court's institutional confidence against other branches' rapacity.
America's distaste for English imperialism made it schizophrenic about the Opium War, with some politicians decrying it as a war of English rapacity while others saw it as a path to penetration into an ancient country that had closed its doors to aggressive trading.
Even the NPC, whose income between 1977 and 1985 rose from P0.4 billion to P18 billion in sales revenue and had total assets of P107.2 billion, almost 10 times of what it had in 1977, was not spared by Cory's incompetence and rapacity. Her regime and some of the succeeding administrations broke it up, dissipated its assets and privatized the majority of its operations, including generations, transmissions and distribution under the guise of breaking up government monopoly in the distribution of power.
How low could we stoop so low to accede to U.S rapacity. Perhaps the only time our leaders showed some guts was when U.S forces attacked our border post Sallala in Bajaur Agency resulting in the death of many of our soldiers.
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Stiglitz said that Trump is portraying globalisation as the cause of the growing rate of unemployment in the US while on the other side of the economic spectrum, developing economies are complaining of the rapacity of US economy.
He quite rightly points out that, "many workers saw wilderness protection as a real threat." (200) At the same time, "the IWA saw itself as holding a middle ground on environmental issues between corporate rapacity and greens' overreaching." (205) He deals with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters' hostility towards environmentalists and also honestly evaluates the increased hostility to environmentalists' concerns shown by the new IWA leadership of the late 1980s.
In a statement issued by Central Media Department Murad Saeed has stated that Maulana's political ideology is based on rapacity and he considers it no sin to loot country and nation.
At the end of the little unpleasantness that ensued, General Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington, and free of our pettifogging rapacity and incompetent interference, you were able to turn towards the construction of a new polity, founded upon a new constitution.
The pervasive corruption in the military cited by De Villa surfaced as Marcos' generals gave vent to their rapacity, amassing by crooked ways enormous fortunes.
The brutal French conquest of Algeria, the uniquely evil German genocide against the Jews, and the legacy of extreme nationalism cause many Europeans, in the analysis of Pascal Bruckner, a French intellectual, to see themselves as "the sick man of the planet," responsible for every global problem from poverty to environmental rapacity; "the white man has sown grief and ruin wherever he has gone."
It is this very same insane rapacity, reprehensible acquisitiveness and insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins) that made these members of the joint opposition to use an impeccant Eight Year old child to teach invectives and abuse the President and Prime Minister of this country.