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Bosses of the stock market's largest firms are banking lottery win salaries, and the rapacity meter is heading unstoppably upwards.
THE David Evans-trained Rapacity Alexander vindicated connections' decision to bypass Royal Ascot when making all to land the Listed Prix La Fleche at Chantilly yesterday under Mickael Barzalona.
But, instead of returning the evidence of their rapacity to their rightful owners, the British are flaunting the Kohinoor on the Queen Mother's crown in the Tower of London.
Continuing to entice women with his usual rapacity, Don Giovanni is haunted by the ghost of the murdered man and decides to invite him to dinner.
They consume little more than the poor and in spite of their natural selfishness and rapacity, though they mean only their own convenience, though the sole end which they propose from the labor of all the thousands whom they employ, be the gratification of their own vain and insatiable desires, they divide with the poor the distribution of the necessaries of life, which would have been made, had the earth been divided into equal portions among all its inhabitants, and thus without intending it, without knowing it, advance the interest of the society, and afford means to the multiplication of species.
He noted that the summit is convened to "counter the external rapacity targeting the region.
Alina's wide-eyed seriousness, together with her russet-gold hair, reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelite models, suggests the non-corruption of innocence when faced by the rapacity of the king and the scoffing of her fellow villagers and the courtiers.
To that end, he advises choosing "legally and politically strong countries" that can protect taxpayers "against the potential rapacity of other countries;" conversely, households should avoid "countries where radical political change is a possibility.
For BBL to be rammed through -- passed under the Aquino Administration -- is political rapacity and would violate the blood of the 44 PNP SAF, particularly when responsibility is not determined.
For those who argue that global capitalism is in the midst of a second Gilded Age, Canadian novelist Stephen Marche's second novel (after Raymond and Hannah) offers an intriguing genre-crossing allegory for the rapacity and relentlessness of that economic philosophy.
38 can be identified as having been produced in Leicester or its surrounds as an urban household book, and thus its inclusion of the unique copy of "A Good Matter of the Merchant and His Son," which illustrates the noble generosity of a merchant in contrast to the rapacity of a franklin, seems appropriate to this milieu (141-142).
The Abbey church, of course, is what remains of the Benedictine monastery that fell victim to the rapacity and violence of Henry VIII and remains to this day an important Anglican ecclesiastical monument.