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Two incidents of talon-grappling and cartwheeling in the Tawny Eagle Aquila rapax.
The American is followed in the drivers' standings by Berthon, British Racing Engineering driver Jordan King and Romanian Rapax racer Robert Visoiu.
Key words: ileo-ceco-rectal intussusception, anastomosis, avian, tawny eagle, Aquila rapax
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Observations on the natural history and experiments on the reproductive strategy of Hargeria rapax (Tanaidacea).
GP2 opened it season supporting last weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix, with Swiss driver Fabio Leimer of Racing Engineering winning the feature race and Monaco ace Stefano Coletti of Rapax claiming the sprint.
His power manifests itself in Fortuna's wilful pleasure in generating change in the situation of the individual (hinc apicem rapax / Fortuna .
Leimer, who started in pole position ahead of Dani Clos and Josef Kral, was simply too dominant in the 31-lap race as his pursuers in the Rapax and Arden International cars melted in the background at the end of the opening lap itself.
In southwestern Atlantic mangrove areas, the most studied semiterrestrial burrowing crabs are the varunid Neohelice granulata (Dana, 1851), the grapsid Cyrtograpsus angulatus Dana, 1851, and the ocypodids Uca uruguayensis Nobili, 1901, and Uca rapax (Smith, 1870).
19) English drama, too, is recalled in the allegorical identities of Avarus and Ambidexter, the latter of whom shares his name with the Vice in Thomas Preston's tragicomedy Cambyses (1558-70), and whose companions Rapax, Capax, and Tenax resemble the Vice's subordinates Huff, Snuff, and Ruff.
14: 75); rapax (Seneca, Thyestes 581); atra (Lucan, Phar.