raped while student at UCLA

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Country: United States of America
State: California

When I was at UCLA, living in the dorms as a freshman, I was acquaintance raped by a man who lived on my floor. There was nothing I could do against him, since there was no kind of proof or anything. I am now reading that a university is required to do everything to prevent preventable crimes on campus, and acquaintance rape is a preventable crime. The precautions taken, e.g. emergency phones in garages, escort services, and night vans, seem specifically targeted for stranger rape prevention. Did the university have a legal obligation to protect me from the crime, since there are numerous studies and statistics dictating that 90 percent of campus rapes are acquaintance rape?


They have some basic duty but unfortunately we do not think you could sue based on what you have said here...you could still file a police report however...
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