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The term "raptor" is derived from the Latin word rapere (meaning to seize or take by force).
In fact, Apollo cites Zephyrus's heterosexual behavior as one of the reasons to banish Zephyrus, as Zephyrus is accused not only of the crime of killing Hyacinth but also for trying to steal Melia away from Apollo: "Hyacinthus amicum rapere non fuerat satis?
The word "rape" comes from the Latin word rapere which means "violent seizure, robbery or taking away by force" (Hoad).
Ratto, from the Latin verb rapere, means not only sexual violence (usually against women); it also defines the (quick) act--rapidum--of taking somebody away from the place in which they originally were (Zingarelli 1551).
Philip's preferred term by far is raptus; as Barbara Newman explains, "raptus, from rapere 'to snatch or seize,' in legal Latin denotes a range of crimes including robbery, seizure, abduction, and especially rape.
19) Affirming "the psychological and moral importance of the human affections" (Hoffmann 1994, 201), Erasmus argues that speech is rational and ethical to the extent that it "confirms and intensifies the positive dispositions of the heart as much as it negates and changes its negative inclinations," and thus becomes effective by moving and changing us through seizing and delighting us: movere, flectere, rapere, and delectare imply one another in ways that enact word (logos) becoming flesh, Christ being resurrected in the heart (Hoffmann 1994, 225-26; Bennett 2000, 30-51).
bona talium, quando deponuntur & propter iniquitatem quam in officiis suis gesserunt, castrantur & puniantur, solent rapere, in eisque luxuriari & gaudere" [Their various subordinates are accust omed to seize the sex organs of such men -- that is to confiscate and enjoy their property -- after they have been deposed and castrated for the evils they committed while in office] (De formis, p.
Persian Jasmine (b f Dynaformer - Rumpipumpy) could be worth noting, while Silver Rapere (b f Silver Hawk - Stylized) was only cheap but she's a small, neat filly who could be a nice early sort.