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First study author Alexander Nectow and his colleagues zeroed in on the dorsal raphe nucleus, or DRN, when whole-brain imaging made with iDISCO, an advanced technique developed at Rockefeller, revealed that this part of the brain becomes activated in hungry mice.
Involvement of the dorsal raphe but not median raphe nucleus in morphine-induced increases in serotonin release in the rat forebrain.
Nerve cells in the dorsal raphe nucleus connect to the dopamine reward system, but many of the pathways are rich in serotonin.
GABAergic projection from the ventral tegmental area and substantia nigra to the periaqueductal gray region and the dorsal raphe nucleus.
38,46,47] Anatomic studies show that both the amygdala and the hippocampus receive serotonergic innervation from the dorsal raphe nucleus [48,49] and have several subtypes of serotonin receptors, including the 5-HT1A receptor.
Effect of xanthone from Kielmeyera coriacea stems on serotonergic neurons of the median raphe nucleus.
Serotoninergic cell bodies located in the raphe nucleus in the brainstem, and noradrenergic neurones located in the locus coeruleus (also in the brainstem) send projections to various parts of the brain involved in the control of mood, appetite, sexual activity, attention and concentration.
If serotonin contents of the pineal gland change depending upon the grade of resonance," Takeshige writes, "and if the effect of serotonin in raphe nucleus to the extensor [gamma]-motor neuron system [which involuntarily regulates muscle tone] is different from that to the flexor [gamma]-system, the total muscle tone of the finger muscles making O-ring should be changed during BDORT.