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In the Raphe nucleus, enduring changes in serotonin neuron firing rate were found to be dependent on the developmental photoperiod, with proximal photoperiod playing a less prominent role [87].
First study author Alexander Nectow and his colleagues zeroed in on the dorsal raphe nucleus, or DRN, when whole-brain imaging made with iDISCO, an advanced technique developed at Rockefeller, revealed that this part of the brain becomes activated in hungry mice.
This idea could be corroborated using two tools also developed by the Anatomic Gene Expression Atlas-AGEA ( that shows a correlation in gene expression in nearby areas [4] as shown in Figure supplementary S9 and the expression of one connectivity marker injected in the dorsal raphe nucleus shown in Figure supplementary S10.
Involvement of the dorsal raphe but not median raphe nucleus in morphine-induced increases in serotonin release in the rat forebrain.
Nerve cells in the dorsal raphe nucleus connect to the dopamine reward system, but many of the pathways are rich in serotonin.
The results obtained in rats with restraint treatment suggest an increase in synthesis and transport of 5-HT from the raphe nucleus to the PFC.
(27) There is a GABAergic projection from VTA/SN to ventrolateral periaquductal gray region (PVGVL) and dorsal raphe nucleus (DR).
[31-33] CFS also induced c-Fos expression in the basolateral complex, locus coeruleus, and dorsal raphe nucleus, [31,34] and treatment with citalopram attenuated contextual CFS-induced c-Fos expression in the basolateral complex.
Decreased 5-HT transporter mRNA in neurons of the dorsal raphe nucleus and behavioral depression in the obese leptin-deficient ob/ob mouse.