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While the Mitsubishi uprights were cast from steel, CRP is also very proud of Castform, its rapid casting process for highly reactive materials, the Italian company claiming a world first when it introduced its titanium rapid casting process 10 years ago.
The core group representatives include experts in acquisition, law, funding, logistics, contracting, and technology; they are empowered to make rapid decisions on behalf of their organizations, within the scope of the effort.
Includes CAD/CAM systems and software, flow and cooling simulation/analysis, and rapid prototyping.
Class IV rapids, such as Powerful Possum, the rapid where Rasmussen wants more strokes from his paddlers, are described with words like ``intense, powerful'' and require ``fast maneuvers under pressure,'' according to American Whitewater, an advocacy group.
When time is of the essence for shape or production of cast metal components, metalcasters are discovering that rapid prototyping for investment casting can eliminate errors in production tooling or eliminate tooling in general, which in turn saves money and improves leadtimes.
In a February 2003 speech, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan warned consumers against getting rapid refund loans, pointing out that if the IRS gave them less of a return than they expected, they must repay the difference.
RAPID RESULTS If Schmidt's patient had received standard prenatal care, she might have been diagnosed months earlier.
Last Chance rapid is so named because it's the last spot to eddy out before Freight Train.
Rapid prototyping gives the foundry the ability to get complex prototypes back to the customers' hands quickly to determine shrink rates and develop difficult gating systems, according to J.
Rapid Tooling Technology (RTT), the world's largest user of the 3D Keltool RT process, has a dozen Keltool machines and is looking to add more to keep pace with orders.