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A brief interval between the time the stimulus is presented, configuring the task's context, and when the subject emits his or her first response, could be considered an indicator of reaction rapidness and absence of behavioral planning.
To ensure the reversibility of refrigerant thermodynamic properties (aside from calculation rapidness, and stability), Ding et al.
As is seen from the diagram, the system did not attain the temperature equilibrium due to a rapidness of the process and small volume of the drained metal.
The results show that 1) the rapidness of professors' English speech; 2) professors' lack of clear pronunciation; 3) professors' use of long and complex sentences; 4) professors' use of colloquial and slang expressions; 5) professors' lack of clear definition of terms and concepts; and 6) professors' use of discourse markers affect Chinese students' English academic listening at an American university.
Stopability stoppable: 10 62% unstoppable: 16 Intentionality intentional: 27 96% other: 1 Causation hunger, survival instinct: 25 93% other: 2 Manner passionately, eagerly, quickly (the 50% idea of rapidness of the action): 9 focus on technical details (with its beak, claws, etc.
These financial innovations have positively impacted the development of financial transactions because these have allowed to enhance efficiency, increase rapidness, and expand the access to a great diversification of financial mechanisms and instruments that permit executing transactions faster and more comfortably.
The patterns indicate that both forecasts were surprised by the rapidness of the policy easing in early 1991.
The main advantage of this method is its simplicity in terms of its praticability and its rapidness.
The revenue structure of a budget is described by the types of revenues, their shares in the total budget, and the varying reliability and rapidness with which they grow over time.
The rapidness of developments in networking is evident even in the short span between the development of the questionnaire for this study and the time of the writing of this article.
Technological advances have expanded the range, size and rapidness of electronics products that can be produced.