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in segetem ueluti cum flamma furentibus Austris incidit, aut rapidus montano flumine torrens sternit agros, sternit sata laeta boumque labores praecipitisque trahit siluas;
rapidus, six females from Buenos Aires Province (Bella Vista, 35[degrees]14'00"S, 59[degrees]53'00"W; Merlo, 34[degrees]40'12"S, 58'45'10'W-, Villa Madero and Martin Garcia Island Natural Preserve); P.
rapidus (Rodriguez Gil 2006) demonstrated that in these species the sex chromosomes are also the largest of the complement.
rapidus were here cytogenetically characterized for the first time.
rapidus respectively is due to structural differences or to technical procedures.
0 Eva Barkeman (Sweden), Robert Friedman, International Science Editor, Aftonbladet Editor, Fortune Thomas Frostberg (Sweden), Ken Howe, Business Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Rapidus News Service The San Francisco Chronicle Erika Ingvald (Sweden), Harry McCracken, Journalist, Elektroniktidningen Editor-in-Chief, PC World Amanda Termen (Sweden), Reporter, Harry Fuller, Executive Editor, Goteborgsposten CNET News.
Exsilit stratis rapidus viator, ad iugum fortes redeunt iuvenci, laetus in silvas properat citato cum grege pastor.
Confusions between rapidus and rabidus are very common: read oribus et rabidis.
July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Acxiom(R) Corporation (Nasdaq: ACXM) today announced the much anticipated upgrade of Rapidus, an application of the company's Solvitur(SM) Market Management Solution.
Rapidus is an easy-to-use, high performance and cost-effective analysis tool that allows users to plan marketing strategies and solve problems in seconds.
As with the previous version, Rapidus is adapted to each customer.
We are pleased to introduce this upgrade to Rapidus as an even faster, more flexible service," said Paul Zaffaroni, Acxiom Services Division Leader.