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RAPINE, crim. law. This is almost indistinguishable from robbery. (q.v.) It is the felonious taking of another man's personal property, openly and by violence, against his will. The civilians define rapine to be the taking with violence, the movable property of another, with the fraudulent intent to appropriate it to one's own USC. Lec. El. Dr. Rom. Sec. 1071.

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Then, the Goths settled down and stopped rapine, then they became affected by the Christianization and other civilized currents, which all paved the way for the rise of the gothic kingdom inside the borders of the Romanian empire.
95) As other decisions have indicated, a foreign sovereign's "physical dominion or control" must be lawful and cannot have been the result of "an act of rapine or spoliation.
Unlike Junger whose battlefield landscapes expunged women even from memories, or Saint-Exupery who inhabited a realm of total male exclusivity, or Marinetti, whose futurism shaped his vision of women as little more than the object of rapine subjugation, Montherlant acknowledged that women were the victims of male prejudice and he often wrote with great sympathy about women, about old maids and the self-sacrifice of French women during the Occupation.
But as there are certain injuries of such a nature, that some of them furnish and others require a more speedy remedy than can be had in the ordinary forms of justice, there is allowed in those cases an extrajudicial, or eccentrical kind of remedy It considers that the future process of law is by no means an adequate remedy for injuries accompanied with force; since it is impossible to say to what wanton lengths of rapine or cruelty outrages of this sort might be carried, unless it were permitted a man immediately to oppose one violence with another.
by his spoyle and rapine of Merchants, and other Passengers; sculking abroade to fine a bootie: he descried two Merchants Shippes" (21) Thus begins the conflict on the water.
Political and military history, with its palace coups, religious conflict and persecution, wars, looting, rapine, and subjugation, produced not only victors but vanquished, some of whom escaped into regions inaccessible to their pursuers.
For nature is one with rapine, a harm no preacher can heal;
Nevi rapine, a reverse transcriptase inhibitor, used in combination antiretroviral therapy has resulted in typical systemic symptoms of hypersensitivity reaction with acute renal failure in a pregnant woman after 6 weeks of therapy.
It must be placed side by side with the sack of Louvain and Dinant, the cold blooded slaughter of innocent French and Belgium citizens, the outraging of helpless women and girls, the unnumbered acts of bestiality and torture, the robbery, destruction and rapine, with all the countless crimes which have been committed by the men of Germany amid the smiling benedictions of the Kaiser and the band of criminals around him who direct the German conduct of the war.
The Hell that Sherman knew was a physical one--of rapine, destruction and death.
Thus to the president war embodied no mass destruction, no burning and looting, no rapine, and little gore.