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Then, rushing hastily out of the apartment, he ran up-stairs, expecting to find his father in his study, but he rapped there in vain.
these walls are solidly put together;" and here, through the mere phrenzy of bravado, I rapped heavily, with a cane which I held in my hand, upon that very portion of the brick-work behind which stood the corpse of the wife of my bosom.
Upon reaching the hut I rapped, as was my custom, and getting no reply, sought for the key where I knew it was secreted, unlocked the door and went in.
He did not turn back a second time, but stepped up with decision, and rapped at the door of our chamber.
Then, turning sharply to Potapitch and Martha, who were walking behind us, she rapped out:
de la Fere's apartment, he rapped impatiently, and entered almost without waiting for the word "Enter
When the painter and Ginevra thought themselves alone, Servin rapped in a peculiar manner on the door of the dark garret, which turned at once on its rusty and creaking hinges.