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South Korea earlier this week said future talks with North Korea would focus on the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula after Pyongyang and Seoul have embarked on an apparent rapprochement with the PyeongChang Winter Olympics over the past month.
The Saudi Arabian-Russian rapprochement creates another opening by which Putin can attempt to exert Russian influence on the Arabian peninsula.
Le ministre a mis l'accent sur le rapprochement des points de vue exprimant le voeu de parvenir a cet accord.
Tapos isang comment niya (Then he commented), 'RP-China rapprochement should not come at the expense of the US.
The two political experts agree that Raul Castro is key to a successful rapprochement between the two countries.
But this rapprochement is strategically significant under the circumstances at present: Daesh (ISIS) that is unbowed in Iraq and Syria; an emerging Russian-Syrian-Iranian-Lebanese Hezbollah "Shiite Crescent" alliance threatening all the other states in the region; Turkey facing a growing insurgency by the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK: Israel at any moment facing an attack from Hamas from the Gaza Strip; and, finally, continued reluctance on the part of the United States to play its traditional balancing and security provision roles.
This rapprochement is not an economic one; trade between the two countries has remained robust since 2010.
Mohammed Sabir Arab, professor of Arab History at the History and Culture Department at Al Azhar Mosque delivered a speech under the theme ' human rapprochement in media message'.
It is, however, not certain what kind of clusters the rapprochement process with Israel will lead to in Turkish domestic politics in the near future, taking into account that the AKP has also been receiving approval from most of the Islamist groups in Turkey, from both radical and moderate groups.
According to the author, the "major obstacle to rapprochement lay in the vested interests of agencies within the state apparatus (particularly the armed forces) and that the combination of an alternative mission for those agencies and resource constraints compelling policy tradeoffs caused rapprochement" (p.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Informed sources in the Syrian Army said that Head of the country's military Intelligence General Ali Mamlouk traveled to Beirut last week to meet with his Egyptian counterpart to pave the ground for the rapprochement of Damascus-Cairo all-out relations.
HAVANA, Cuba - Secretary of State John Kerry departed Cuba Friday after a historic daylong visit to raise the US flag at the American embassy - a milestone in Washington's rapprochement with its onetime foe.