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With 98% of Rapt Media survey respondents saying they would buy content marketing technology if it addressed their content measurement concerns, it seems as if there's a large opportunity for both vendors and marketing pros to find the content measurement sweet spot.
Gene had the rapt attention of each person as he spoke on the importance of "giving back"; the beginnings of the Foundation and the importance of the work we do.
Juridically it was conceived as a rapt de seduction or ratto, a form of abduction.
Aldhelm who at the end of one Mass "was so rapt in contemplation that in taking off his chasuble he let it fall behind him, as his server was usually there to receive it.
Whether (as in the 13th century) they observe with rapt attention the stigmata of suffering or (as in our times) themselves carry the stigmata in the form of disease, the birds are clearly an integral part of the scene.
Every inductee has a rapt sheet longer than the last two minutes of an NBA playoff game.
Until then, rapt assumed violent abduction, but royal legislation expanded the notion to include nonviolent seduction involving fraudulent promise of marriage.
What held me rapt from the first page to the last, and left me inspired and hopeful about feminism--yes, feminism--at not much does, was the portrait it presented of the deep, passionate friendship of these two exceptional women and the way it both empowered and supported them, intellectually, emotionally, and politically through decades of intensely lived, often difficult experiences.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Rapt Studio, an award-winning, multidisciplinary design practice, announced the completion of its project for Adobe Systems Inc.
Rapt Media announced the official launch of its patent-pending Site Pairing technology, which breaks down the wall separating online video from website capabilities.
En plus de l'accusation de rapt de touristes etrangers, les deux mis en cause devront repondre du chef d'inculpation de trafic et d'importation d'armes prohibees.
Giant Posy Holder, pounds 75, from RAPT at OKA; Cotton Embroidered 'Leaf' Napkins, pounds 30, from RAPT at OKA