rapt attention

References in classic literature ?
Brewer, who had observed them at the same moment, was leaning forward in an attitude of rapt attention, horribly pale.
charmed all who were there; and they testified their admiration over and over again, not by voice or gesture, but by deep silence and rapt attention, those two languages of the courtier which acknowledge the hand of no master powerful enough to restrain them.
Sheldon watched her rapt attention, listened to her spontaneous laughter, quick questions, and passing judgments, and felt grow within him the dawning consciousness that he loved her.
Sullen silence was taken for rapt attention, and gave him greater room to talk; sharp answers were received as smart sallies of girlish vivacity, that only required an indulgent rebuke; and flat contradictions were but as oil to the flames, calling forth new strains of argument to support his dogmas, and bringing down upon me endless floods of reasoning to overwhelm me with conviction.
exclaimed the young hunter, with a vehemence that destroyed the rapt attention with which the divine and his daughter were listening to the Indian.
He had listened to the doctor's story with rapt attention, and now seemed to recover consciousness of his surroundings.
She sat silent on the slope of the shingle, with her elbow on her knee, and her head resting on her hand, looking out over the sea -- looking with rapt attention, and yet with eyes that seemed to notice nothing.
He had changed again; he was thoughtful, he was subdued; his eyes were fixed on me with a sad and rapt attention.
In open-mouthed wonder the lama turned to this and that, and finally checked in rapt attention before a large alto- relief representing a coronation or apotheosis of the Lord Buddha.
Sensuous, violent, and at times Machiavellian, The Santagelos will hold the listener's rapt attention to the very end.
Critique: Imaginative and skillfully written, "The Nightingale Moon" reveals author Nicholas Sweedo as an impressively talented novelist able to deftly weave memorable characters into an exciting storyline that will engage the rapt attention of young readers from beginning to end.
Critique: In "The Courage To Kill", author Ron Argo once again demonstrates and documents himself as a master storyteller with this swiftly paced psychological thriller that will hold and keep the reader's rapt attention from first page to last.