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Will you give me leave to defer your raptures till I write again?
The golden year was dying as it had lived, a beautiful and unrepentant voluptuary, and reminiscent rapture and content freighted heavily the air.
At a time of such love, such rapture, and such self-sacrifice, what do any of our quarrels and affronts matter?
Palmer, whose eye was caught by every thing pretty, expensive, or new; who was wild to buy all, could determine on none, and dawdled away her time in rapture and indecision.
He gazes down at her in such rapture that he is in everybody's way, and as she takes his arm she gives it a little squeeze, and then away they strut, Mary doing nine-tenths of the talking.
The Emperor had often visited the Military College and every time Kasatsky saw that tall erect figure, with breast expanded in its military overcoat, entering with brisk step, saw the cropped side-whiskers, the moustache, the aquiline nose, and heard the sonorous voice exchanging greetings with the cadets, he was seized by the same rapture that he experienced later on when he met the woman he loved.
He knew she was there by the rapture and the terror that seized on his heart.
Oh, yes, yes; make haste, please," answered Levin, with difficulty restraining the smile of rapture which would overspread his face.
No one, indeed, could have imagined the rapture it was to do it, or what a load rolled from my shoulders when I dropped the law from them.
But to what did they owe the convulsion and rapture of their transport?
SCOTLAND track queen SCOTLAND track queen Lynsey Sharp will lap up the Lynsey Sharp will lap up the acclaim at Ibrox tonight acclaim at Ibrox tonight after her silver-medal after her silver-medal heroics had the Hampden heroics had the Hampden crowd in raptures last week.