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Ordered logit results (not reported) identified no systematic differences in rareness preferences by respondent sex, age, or class.
Many buy this type of banana for its high nutritional value and rareness.
Research into genetic diseases like DS is hampered by its rareness.
5, 6), but we took advantage of the attribute of rareness to infer how many species have not been recorded at all.
Scientific value of such places is measured based on criteria like rareness, educational position, enjoying ecologic and palaecogeographical values.
The literature has documented many classifications of resources and capabilities, for instance, Barney (1991) proposes that advantage-creating resources must contain four attributes, namely, value, rareness, inimitability and non-substitutability; Grant (1991) argues that levels of durability, transparency, transferability and replicability are important determinants; Collis and Montgomery (1995) suggest five tests namely inimitability, durability, appropriability, substitutability and competitive superiority; Amit and Schoemaker (1993) produce a list of eight criteria including complementarity, scarcity, low tradability, inimitability, limited substitutability, appropriability, durability and overlap with strategic industry factors.
The received works will be judged according to some indices including the beauty and elegance of the structure, resistance of the structure, presentation of references and sufficient explanation about the model, and rareness and newness of the model (that is less known).
We present these different three cases of inappropriate TSH syndrome to emphasize its rareness and the importance of using tests for the differential diagnosis of inappropriate TSH syndrome.
The price is determined by the rareness, quality, and beauty of the beads.
The subdimension rareness represents the potential of valuation, and the valuation determines the effective valuation, as valued by costumer and by investor.
As I reflected on my good fortune, I celebrated the rareness of this hunt--everything had gone better than a dream.