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Marsh harrier chicks, raised successfully in a secret location this summer A female marsh harrier in flight - a bird of prey rarer than the golden eagle
A cancer may be classed as rarer either because it affects an unusual site in the body, or because the cancer itself is of an unusual type, is difficult to diagnose or requires special treatment.
John Lott, who has researched and written extensively about gun laws, has pointed out in the Washington Times: "Accidental gun deaths among children are, fortunately, much rarer than most people believe.
Palmer has scoured the archives for familiar performance clips (Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, The Sleeping Beauty) and rarer footage, like the rehearsals for Ashton's Birthday Offering.
There is no plant in Northern Ontario that I don't have an extract from," says Abou-Zaid, which includes some of the more rarer species.
But most demolition professionals know that implosions bring down less than 1 percent of all buildings and that the wrecking ball is becoming rarer in demolition projects in favor of controlled demolition.
But footballer's girlfriends are an even rarer breed.
So why are physical-education classes becoming rarer in U.
5) European design has sparked a desire for rarer and more precious materials, such as African Wenge wood.
But genuine drag queens and transgendered individuals who achieve musical notoriety are rarer.
Much rarer are those that follow us into the present with a seeming life of their own.