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As I was coming along, our Portuguese pilot, who had always something or other to say to make us merry, told me he would show me the greatest rarity in all the country, and that I should have this to say of China, after all the ill-humoured things that I had said of it, that I had seen one thing which was not to be seen in all the world beside.
Perhaps the emphasis of his admiration did not fall precisely on this rarest quality in her; perhaps he approved his own choice of her chiefly because she did not strike him as a remarkable rarity.
About the originator of vocalizing rarity, there are many speech in Arabic, "Whether Amin aldinArboli" (670.
Worcester County Rarity Round-Up Bring your binoculars and mud boots as we hit some of the hot spots and hidden gems around Worcester County looking for early returning songbirds, lingering winter rarities, ducks, waders and more.
And appraisers say its rarity wasn't the only consideration in determining its staggering value.
One of the major highlights of the auction from the Berk collection is a 1904 Hupeh Government Cash Bank, high-grade rarity.
He admits to being as enthralled as any avid bird-watcher at the prospect of checking another global rarity off of his list.
It's time for birders to think strategically, spending as much time as possible out in the field, preferably at a coastal headland in search of the odd rarity which will undoubtedly be out there, somewhere
That is, it's a great rarity for Ukraine, for Europe, for the whole world, white lions are a real rarity.
This volume collects ten papers dedicated to the topic of linguistic rarities, addressing such specific topics as rarities in the typology of numerals; the implications of rarities for the theory of language structure; initial consonant mutation as a trait of the Celtic languages; rare phenomena in case-marking and their implications for a theory of typological distributions; the marking of negativity by the absence of linguistic marking in some Dravidian languages; theoretical accounting for rare typological features in formal syntax, rara and grammatical theory; and the interrelation of language endangerment, community size, and typological rarity.
Jim Rushworth, a volunteer at the centre, said: "It certainly wasn't expected, it was a real rarity.
The black inside of its mouth is the giveaway, as Neil Stanhope found when he hooked this rarity (above) on a Scottish outing from Oban, Argyll - known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland - in the Laura Dawn, skippered by Ronnie Campbell.