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ExxonMobil is introducing the Mobil SHC[TM] Rarus Series, synthetic oils engineered to help increase the productivity and durability of rotary-screw and vane compressed air systems.
JIM RARUS, WAYNE COUNTY RESA: Some of the same things you see on the consumer side are driving the need for increased bandwidth in the schools our agency services.
Quid autem in temporibus nostris est agendum, ubi nullus uel rarus inuenitur legens uel audiens qui intelligat, uidens uel agens qui animaduertat?
Creber primo in genere, in secundo parcus Terentius: contra Plautus in primo rarus, in secundo frequentissimus.
ut informi urse partus, mule rarus, vipere unicus isque infelix, ut ceci talpe, surde apes, ut postremo superiorem mandibulam omnium solus animantium cocodrillus movet.
Jarroll (1979) found this type of distribution for Botheriocephalus rarus in both copepods and newts and suggested that it could result from a non-random distribution of the infected larval stages or from a series of exposures to infection in which each exposure is random with a chance of infection differing at each wave of infection or from variability in the feeding habits of the host population .
Nancy Rarus, of the US National Association of the Deaf, said: 'I can't understand why anybody would want to bring a disabled child into the world.
The man was Rarus P Griggsby, who had plenty of potatoes, made on Wall Street.
Mobil SHC Rarus 1020 Series Compressor Oils: Series of high-performance synthetic oils particularly suited for severe-service rotary screw and vane compressors applications.
In un carme latino indirizzato appunto a "Bembus pater," Della Casa professo invece la propria aspirazione a conseguire il plauso di pochi intenditori: "Laudentur vulgo, signentur et indice: verum / Hectoris exemplo (ut memorat, dum scenica ludit, / Ennius) optarim potius de classe proborum / contingat nobis rarus laudator.