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Madame Rabourdin listened in amazement to this singular profession of rascality. The apparent artlessness of this political swindler prevented her from suspecting a trick.
He said the show of rascality and callousness by the leadership was due to their cluelessness, which the ADC was poised to bring to an end in Nigeria.
"Rascals, in descending order of rascality," the cookbook author wrote, alongside a photo of her carrying her little nuggets.
Scoundrels are smart and rascality die hard, the reason dirty politics is very much alive today, anchored on the political slogan, 'There's no substitute for victory.'
Taliaferro was frustrated that his treaties had failed to curb hostilities or help Natives achieve economic independence, and he worried about the "rascality and frauds permitted by the treaty making power generally."
"Defendants' conduct, as described herein, meets and exceeds a level of rascality that would raise an eyebrow of someone inured to the rough and tumble world of commerce" says the suit.
Dr Pathan's book is a powerful expose of British imperialism in Sindh and the Machiavellian tactics of invaders such as General Charles Napier, who admitted, 'We have no right to seize Scinde [sic], yet we shall do so; and a very advantageous, useful humane piece of rascality it will be.'
The prerogative power to the Execute President does not in any way allow for such execute rascality exhibited by the Presidency in Nigeria from 1999 to 2007.
At Derry's Long Tower Church, Fr Eamon Graham described the little boy as a toddler full of love and joy with "a good helping of rascality which endeared him to all".
(107) Dysaethesia Aethiopica, "or hebetude of mind and obtuse sensibility of body," also known as rascality, (108) similarly assigned mental illness to a failure to support white supremacy.
For us, continuing to purchase NPLs from banks is more like encouraging rascality."