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Rascally rabbits are smart and fast - and they know it!
"There he sits, a whole afternoon sometimes, reading these same abominable, vile (a pox on them, I cannot abide them!) rascally verses."
When you too are old and rascally, your graying buddies will argue
Well, it means, to quote that rascally father of my generation, Arnold Schwarzenegger, that we are old, but not obsolete.
animated short ''Elmer's Candid Camera,'' in which the title character finds himself pitted against a rascally rabbit that was a precursor to Bugs Bunny.
He once wrote that the country around the town of Annan produced a fair amount of "rascally liquor".
Apparently, the implication is that the SEC has got all its other areas of responsibility so well under control--capital markets, insider trading, accounting fraud, program trading, monitoring FINRA, criminal prosecutions, corporate filings, complying with all its "new" Dodd-Frank directives, etc., etc.--that it ought to cut back in all these areas to keep a better eye on those rascally RIAs.
Directed and written by Veit Helmer, this film follows the rascally children as they tackle new world records and build incredible machines with the help of both their outlandish grandparents and furry friend Quatsch.
"And that was why I thought that little bit of a rascally edge that he has was what made him so perfect for it.
For example, it may come as no surprise to regular viewers of BBC2's Top Gear that presenter James May was sacked from a senior position at motoring magazine, Autocar, when it was discovered there was a rascally message spelled out in large red letters at the start of every review in the magazine's Road Test Year Book.
This MSR can pack a punch, whether it's for self-defense, target shooting or even just taking care of rascally varmints!
He was obliged to stay in a "very rascally house," where "worthless young fellows [were] sitting up drinking gaming & cursing and swearing all night." After that, he was robbed by a "Scoundrel." Later, Iredell reported that he was in "much pain" after his horse threw him and his carriage ran over his leg.