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Chak no.74-JB was killed when a rashly driven loader hit her
CHINIOT:Three persons, including two women, were killed in a road accident at Chak Jhumra Road here on Tuesday.According to the police, the accident took place at Chiniot-Chak Jhumra Road bypass where a rashly driventwo women.
The drama kicks off after Mac confronts Neeta at the school, dragging her into the boiler room before rather rashly taking his frustrations out on some gas pipes.
According to Rescue 1122 sources, a rashly driven car coming to Vehari from Luddan collided with a power pylon after colliding with a motorcycle-rickshaw.
The away side even finished with 10 men after Di Canio rashly used all his subs by the 69th minute and Steven Fletcher then went off injured.
Hejib agreed with the Bandra magistrate's order and said Salman would have to face charges of culpable homicide as the 47- year- old actor had been warned earlier by his police bodyguard, Ravindra Patil, not to drive rashly while he was drunk as it could lead to an accident.
Both sides picked up in the second half and Carryduff had a penalty claim turned down before they were reduced to 10 men when they had their substitute rashly sent of for complaining about a two footed challenge.
"He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin." - Proverbs 13:3 (New International Version)
The LACMA board rashly selected this proposal in early 2002 and just as quickly dropped it when they realised the impossibility of raising around $300 million while alienating the local philanthropists whose names, engraved on the doomed galleries, would be ground to dust.
When Phaeton arrives at Apollo's temple, the god promises to grant his son any favor, and Phaeton rashly asks to drive Apollo's great chariot across the heavens for a day.
Although the heresy hunt claimed several victims, it collapsed when a court headed by Wriothesley rashly condemned a privy chamber servant and close companion of the king named George Blagge without obtaining Henry's prior consent.
Second, in Take One's survey of of the films that played in the Greater Toronto Area in 1997, I predicted, rashly it now seems, that The Sweet Hereafter would not do as well as Exotica did.