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That which can be appraised, assessed, or adjusted through the application of a formula or percentage.

Ratable property is that which is taxable or capable of being appraised or assessed.


adj. taxable according to value, such as an estate or property.

See: ad valorem
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Rateable values are subject to a review every five years.
The landlord appealed against the existing rateable value of PS102,000 on January 6, 2012 on the basis that the property was undergoing a scheme of refurbishment and as such was incapable of beneficial occupation However, the court ruled that, based on the facts, the works, which were non-structural, could be classed as repairs at the valuation date because the property could be put back economically into its full state of repair.
Claire explains: "The double whammy of reduced rateable values coupled with a reduction in the Uniform Business Rate could have been a breath of fresh air for many troubled businesses in the north, especially in the manufacturing sector where the severe curtailment of empty rates relief has been the final nail in the coffin for some operators.
Ratepayers that have not yet appealed against their rateable value should consider this now.
This is the multiplier which, when applied to the new rateable value, will produce the actual rates payable for each occupation throughout the country.
Post offices with a rateable value of less than pounds 9,000 will be exempt from paying business rates.
The relief decreases on a sliding scale by 1% for every pounds 100 of rateable value over pounds 5,000, up to pounds 10,000.
In theory, business rates should be a simple multiple of the Rateable Value, but political considerations have meant that phased and complex rate liabilities remain in place,' Mr Clapham added.
Businesses with a rateable value of pounds 5,000 or less will get a reduction of 50 per cent in business rates and those with rateable values of between pounds 5,000 and pounds 10,000 will also qualify for a rebate.
Some businesses are reporting increases of up to 150% in their rateable value.
Business rates in Wales are calculated by taking the rateable value of a property and multiplying it by the non-domestic rates multiplier for the year.