rather than

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If the recent difficulties of theoretical physics arose from flaws in scientific culture and institutions, rather than from the sheer abstruseness of natural laws, our progress in understanding the universe just might resume.
Speakers placed outside could alert teachers and students to emergencies like a tornado and bring them inside through a single call, rather than dispatching staff members outside.
Thus, Reumann argues that the sexual revolution began in the 1940s with sexual discourse rather than in the 1960s and 19760s with sexual bodies.
Never allow family or other significant relationships to deteriorate to the point that they become a source of stress rather than comfort.
Depending on individual talents and interests, they should serve as thought and implementation partners rather than simply as participants in meetings.
Rather than merely teaching the what of learning, we can also teach the how.
Rather than establishing denominational brand identity and loyalty in order to build denominational or organizational dominance, missionaries and agencies are forming alliances, cooperative ventures, covenants, and partnerships for the sake of wider and stronger witness.
Wolin suggests that democracy should best be understood as about forms rather than a form of constitution.
* Value creation resides at the core of every company, and most organizations theorize about how to do it, rather than rolling up their sleeves and making it happen.
We can also, I think, give students more productive ways to think about their own responses to racist/sexist texts rather than shutting down out of frustration.
In addition, the value of the document is often located in the content or information of the document rather than the document itself.
Pro: I could make a lot of new friends who like me for who I am rather than for who they think I am.