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He makes a plausible argument that physics institutions have become too geared toward producing craftspeople rather than seers.
Speakers placed outside could alert teachers and students to emergencies like a tornado and bring them inside through a single call, rather than dispatching staff members outside.
Commentators viewed Kinsey's statistics as speaking to the failings of American society rather than just problems with sexual desire.
Might it be appropriate to collaboratively titrate both pain and opiate use in the setting of the doctor-patient relationship, with an emphasis on managing patient expectations rather than rigidly committing to "nothing but smiley faces?
Depending on individual talents and interests, they should serve as thought and implementation partners rather than simply as participants in meetings.
Rather than establishing denominational brand identity and loyalty in order to build denominational or organizational dominance, missionaries and agencies are forming alliances, cooperative ventures, covenants, and partnerships for the sake of wider and stronger witness.
Hull's statement, however, is that being a healthcare worker in Toronto at the time of SARS, rather than being placed into quarantine, was responsible for the psychological distress that we measured.
Many of these artists tend to look inward rather than project out, and curatorial choices amplify the rather dispiriting feeling.
By drawing oxygen for combustion from the atmosphere rather than carrying it as a rocket ship does, a scramjet-powered spacecraft or ultra-high-speed aircraft could save fuel weight and carry more equipment.
And, since homeopathy targets underlying causes rather than symptoms, the body responds to disease naturally, gently, and promptly.
The Qur'an's claim to being a kitab is a claim to authority and knowledge rather than a simple statement about the form of its eventual storage.
Piano's initial instinctual response, poetic rather than rational, was to neither compete with nor conform to this context.