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18, 2014, it was ratified by the European Parliament.
AT&T wireline employees represented by the CWA earlier ratified, on Aug.
Brazil has not ratified the Additional Protocol, but it has concluded a bilateral pact with neighboring Argentina on inspections, ensuring a certain degree of transparency in its nuclear program, the sources said.
It turns out that, with a political agreement, the list of laws ratified in accordance with the Badinter principle can be expanded infinitely," Orovcanec explained.
MEng Engineering Design MEng Engineering Design with Study in Industry These programmes have been ratified to give membership of the IED and as meeting the requirements for CEng registration for six years from 2008.
The accord, which the United States has yet to ratify, is a major development for public health in Latin America and should be ratified by all governments.
Legislation to help save airline pension plans has a better chance of passing now that Northwest Airlines pilots have ratified a new contract, one lawmaker said.
Japan signed it in 1996 but has not ratified it in decade since then.
The Dominican Republic Senate ratified the Central American Free Trade Agreement, which will bring down tariffs between the United States, Central America and this Caribbean country, reports Reuters (Aug.
Since the resounding defeat of the Soviet-style European Union constitution at the polls in France and The Netherlands, three minuscule European nations--Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg--have ratified the pact.
The need for constitutional changes to ratify the Rome Statute required that the measure approved by both houses of Congress also be ratified by at least 16 state legislatures, a process that occurred over the past six months.
6 to 17, 2004, in Buenos Aires, was the first since Russia ratified the Kyoto Protocol in November.