ratified agreement

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On the basis of the signed and ratified Agreement, the Intergovernmental Mixed Committee was established whose task is to monitor the implementation of the Agreement and to implement specific measures by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Croatian Government regarding the overall improvement of the status of both national minorities.
This is the first ratified agreement between WestJet and its flight attendants.
Lower house of Kazakhstan's parliament has ratified agreement with government of Macedonia on avoidance of double taxation and fiscal income tax evasion.
2003 -- Kuwait ratified agreement on establishing the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector as a subsidiary of the Islamic Development Bank.
According to the flight attendants, the newly ratified agreement has made provisions for better salaries and improved working conditions, one of the top-classes in the airline sector, for them.
The ratified agreement for Horizon's technicians becomes amendable in 2020.
A statement issued on Saturday, June 29, said that the Region's Government ratified Agreement by which the British Gulf Exxon carry out a plan to develop Sheekhan oil field.
This ratified agreement should not in any way be viewed as support for the American standalone plan or for this current management team," APA spokesman Dennis Tajer told Reuters.
He said the company will consult with the union and the National Mediation Board "to determine the best steps going forward to one day reach a ratified agreement.
and France's Areva SA over two other competing bidders from Russia and Canada without a ratified agreement, Touqan said in an interview with Kyodo News.
It also ratified agreement on economic and technical cooperation between Pakistan and State of Kuwait which was signed on 19th June, 2006.
The report, compiled after the 14 men and one woman were debriefed on their return, said there had been no formally ratified agreement since the Iran-Iraq War in the early 1980s.