ratified agreement

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The speakers unanimously expressed strong support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, condemned Russia's illegal actions in the occupied regions of Georgia and noted that they did not recognize the legitimacy of Russia's ratified agreement on the creation of a unified military group.
Parliament committee for agrarian policy, water resources, ecology and regional development ratified agreement between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan on inter-governmental use of Orto-Tokoy (Kasansai) water reservoir signed on 6 October 2017 in Tashkent.
If negotiations do not result in a ratified agreement, the seceding country leaves without an agreement and the EU Treaties cease to apply to that country, without any substitute or transitional arrangements being put in place.
Until now, the rapidly expanding aviation sector, which some estimates suggest would triple its greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of the century, has not been included in any international climate change deal, including the recently ratified agreement in Paris.
The ratified agreement features significant enhancements that are consistent with the Association's goals of protecting, repairing and improving the 2007 Agreement.
On the basis of the signed and ratified Agreement, the Intergovernmental Mixed Committee was established whose task is to monitor the implementation of the Agreement and to implement specific measures by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Croatian Government regarding the overall improvement of the status of both national minorities.
Lower house of Kazakhstan's parliament has ratified agreement with government of Macedonia on avoidance of double taxation and fiscal income tax evasion.
2003 -- Kuwait ratified agreement on establishing the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector as a subsidiary of the Islamic Development Bank.
Highlights of the ratified agreement includes assured wage increases over three years, rather than the former compensation system which included merit increases which were not assured (they were at the discretion of the hospital board of directors).
A statement issued on Saturday, June 29, said that the Region's Government ratified Agreement by which the British Gulf Exxon carry out a plan to develop Sheekhan oil field.
He said the company will consult with the union and the National Mediation Board "to determine the best steps going forward to one day reach a ratified agreement.
The benefits that would accrue for both sides from a ratified agreement, which were clear in May 2010 when the Council initialed the ACAA text, are arguably of increased importance today given the deterioration of public finances and the need to cut government spending across the continent.