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Piston-metering units for encapsulating/potting, gasketing, molding, and sealing provide precise ratio control using rotary flow-control valves for accuracy.
Although there is as yet no direct evidence linking this human sex ratio decline to environmental exposures, the circumstantial evidence suggests there may be a connection.
Effects of aspect ratio on stresses and deformations of tires Distribution of stresses and deformation in tires is one of the primary properties that could determine many other tire properties and performance, and is greatly affected by aspect ratio.
It was hypothesized that teaching students new words at a ratio of 17% unknown to 83% known, which fell within Gickling's suggested 70% to 85% known ratio, would lead to the largest number of retained items and would also lead to the highest percentage of on-task behaviors.
The relationship of the accident-quarter loss ratio at six months to loss ratios for prior quarters at the same age is often predictive of directional change in loss ratios.
The ac QHR values converged to the dc QHR value under proper conditions (which were external quadruple-series connections [16], four-terminal-pair (4TP) techniques [17,18], and interchanged 1:1 ratio measurements).
Success Ratio The success ratio provides an indication of the completion rates of all courses, transfer-level, remedial, and occupational courses over time.
However, in view of the importance of thick stock dilution, a rigorous analysis of concentric mixing was in order, along with a reexamination of the velocity ratio criteria.
Black women had a higher pregnancy-related mortality ratio than white women in every age-group studied.
Between 1870 and 1970, the degree ratio rose from just 0,02, meaning that 2 out of every 100 schoolchildren graduated from high school, to no less than 0.
In a growing economy, the long-term government debt-to-GDP ratio is determined by dividing the deficit ratio by the growth rate.
The ratio of the concentrations of these two oxygen isotopes in teeth also depends upon the body temperature of the animal, adds Fricke.