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Decisive in his commentary are the final arguments of this section: ratiocination (35-37), treatment of a theme or thesis (38-39), thematic elaboration (40-43) and complete argument or chreia (44-48).
Panichas was concerned as a critic with prophecy, "an ever threatening communication of experience possessed in vision rather than in ratiocination.
In light of Blake's suspicion of ratiocination, combined with his deliberate use of narrative focalization of Albion's religious vision in Jerusalem, reading Blake's poem as a Rational utopia grounded in Judeo-Christian notions of apocalypse is to miss Blake's core religious message.
Again and again, pure logic fails him, causing his ratiocination to channel into counting drops of laudanum endlessly to achieve the required dosage as this waxed (up to 8000 drops) and, through hard effort, waned.
In contrast to Edgar Allan Poe's and Arthur Conan Doyle's interest in ratiocination, nineteenth-century American women writers are more concerned with theories of vision and visual practices and the social positioning of both detection and the detective.
Though the question remains whether the ethical problem which the portrait of serial killer Myra Hindly raises--because it is made of children's handprints and thereby evokes children's collaboration in the making--to use her phrase, is only "spirited away by creative ratiocination.
This ratiocination on the effective dosage of GLP-2 was consistent with the dose-effect of GLP-2 on the cAMP activity reported by Munroe et al.
The Casbah Kid's philosophical ratiocination is both atheistic and existentialist, perceiving life as an inconsequential phenomenon.
He dismantles this subgenre in part by exposing Vadassy's fallacious assumptions about the kind of person who fits his preconceived notion of a spy, but Ambler goes further by demonstrating that ratiocination is unequal to the task of penetrating those subtleties of self-invention by which all of us fictionalize our lives and project public identities.
Does the enlightenment promised by ratiocination in the modern world only intensify the power of what Francis Bacon identified as the "Four Idols"?
Following a hailstorm of vitriol, Hirshman fleshed out the essay - incorporating the voices of her critics online and otherwise - into this slim volume that is part philosophical ratiocination, part screed.
I am seeing Rush Limbaugh as an actor in action movies, a sort of Nero Wolfe supersleuth who, though he never leaves his luxurious New York brownstone and his rare orchid collection and his personal chef Fritz, uses his superior powers of ratiocination C to locate the missing uranium bars C in the cellars beneath the great mosque in Teheran.