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Through ratiocination, Holmes reinfuses meaning into everyday experience in a way that is harmonious with modern secularism and reason--or, as Saler explains, "Holmes demonstrated how the modern world could be re-enchanted through means entirely consistent with modernity.
In "Projective Verse" he commands, "ONE PERCEPTION MUST IMMEDIATELY AND DIRECTLY LEAD TO A FURTHER PERCEPTION," (35) insisting on the acuity of sense perception over ratiocination.
However, to quote the Wikipedia entry, "Peirce held that, in practical affairs, slow and stumbling ratiocination is often dangerously inferior to instinct, sentiment, and tradition, and that the scientific method is best suited to theoretical research, which in turn should not be bound to the other methods [of settling doubt] and to practical ends.
De Quincey's sensitivity makes him vulnerable to otherly knowledges despite the vigorous ratiocination of which he believes himself capable, while the remedial work of his autobiographical writing is framed by and understood through a pharmacologically induced dreamworld.
Definition B: A theorem derived from an axiom or axioms through ratiocination by applying it or them to a specific situation is called a deduction.
Though the question remains whether the ethical problem which the portrait of serial killer Myra Hindly raises--because it is made of children's handprints and thereby evokes children's collaboration in the making--to use her phrase, is only "spirited away by creative ratiocination.
The mind becomes tired in the face of the labor of ratiocination on the reality apprehended by the intellect.
The distinctive feature of these exercises or meditationes is that they were, precisely, exercises of reason, the essential component of which was philosophical ratiocination and conceptual thinking (logismos dianoia).
This ratiocination on the effective dosage of GLP-2 was consistent with the dose-effect of GLP-2 on the cAMP activity reported by Munroe et al.
The Casbah Kid's philosophical ratiocination is both atheistic and existentialist, perceiving life as an inconsequential phenomenon.
Does the enlightenment promised by ratiocination in the modern world only intensify the power of what Francis Bacon identified as the "Four Idols"?
As a bit of Langlandian personification allegory, the episode would represent wealth's assault on indigence, the starker since the victim of the assault was a Grey Friar, espousing the radical Franciscan abjuration of property, based on the example of Christ and the apostles, for which William Ockham suffered, faced with papal insistence that, by scholastic ratiocination, it was strictly a logical impossible, something unnatural and so contrary to God's purpose, to be without property (a view Ockham characterized as "heretical, erroneous, silly, ridiculous, fantastic, insane, and defamatory" [3]).