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Lydgate was ambitious above all to contribute towards enlarging the scientific, rational basis of his profession.
The commissioner was echoing Illinois' Supreme Court, which said the city had a "rational basis" for its "attempts to balance the interests of food trucks with the need to promote neighborhood stability that is furthered by brick-and-mortar restaurants." And the court was echoing the rent-seekers' self-serving and evidence-free faux sociology.
At the trial level, the New York State Supreme Court struck down the Regulation, but the Appellate Division reversed that decision this past January, finding that Insurance Law Section 6409(d) (concerning the giving of "other consideration or valuable thing") is "unambiguous," has a rational basis, and is subject to broad construction by DFS.
Despite the preponderance of evidence finding that occupational licensing often harms consumers and restricts occupational opportunity, some US courts have upheld licensure laws using the rational basis test.
Because Brexit is an emotional response, with no rational basis, it can be observed as part of a wider hostility shown in the USA and Europe.
Under a draft of Senate Bill 2703, dated March 13 and obtained by NJBIZ, businesses could only consider the marijuana use as a condition of employment if the employer "has a rational basis for doing so which is reasonably related to employment, including the responsibilities of the employee or prospective employee."
"No rational basis exists for curtailing advancement of vehicle technologies that reduce harmful levels of emissions, fuel consumption and consumer costs," said APHA and the advocates in their comments.
Lamenting that there was no homework done before putting up the proposal, it suggested that the LDA should categorise lifeline consumers as well as properties of different sizes and locations and recommend tariff increase on a rational basis.
IWA chief Jim Bradley said: "Irish consumers are already hit with the highest rate of excise on still wine in the EU and the excise hit for sparkling wine is doubled for no rational basis."
Applying the rational basis test, the court said that the statutes do not violate substantive due process.
It argued that rational basis scrutiny applied to Porter's claims because he had not alleged the creation of a suspect class or the violation of a fundamental right.
People don't decide between brands on a purely rational basis; 80 percent of the time, when making decisions about products and services, they usually go with their gut feeling.