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Integrated program teams throughout government and industry provide a vital link in the JSSG update and maintenance process by providing rationale, guidance, and lessons learned for new requirements, and by maintaining the existing guidance for use by future engineers.
Governance responsibilities for boards of directors have expanded significantly in merger and acquisition activities--moving well beyond simply obtaining a fairness opinion to being entrusted with evaluating strategic rationales and reviewing the adequacy of post-acquisition planning.
Identify all possible problems in the scenario and provide a rationale for each
In conjunction with the so-called Graham factors, a party urging obviousness must show some teaching or suggestion of each and every claim limitation recited by the claims; a rationale for modification or combination; a reasonable expectation of success; and that secondary considerations do not overcome obviousness.
This person understands the design rationale but is not buying it.
For teachers interested in thinking deeply about the purposes guiding their content and pedagogical decision-making, rationale development has received considerable attention in the literature on social studies teaching and learning.
Not recording the rationale of a judicial or administrative decision promotes unaccountability.
As someone with background in both the traditional humanities--in which I would place theorizing about the nature of history--and in the social sciences, my understanding of relevance, rationale, and impact are that they are determined within specific social, cultural, and historical contexts.
A social rationale may also place a priority on teachers having siblings of former students.
40) all the way for me, and David Pipe's Royal Rationale is the one to be on at 16-1 this morning.
com Cesarewitch, this year with Mamlook and Royal Rationale.