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rationales may have the advantage of a perceived simplicity, the causal
For teachers interested in thinking deeply about the purposes guiding their content and pedagogical decision-making, rationale development has received considerable attention in the literature on social studies teaching and learning.
(2010) delivered rationales immediately before or after an instruction, the delivery of rationales at other times may also be common.
An instructional rationale for arranging students uses available learning and achievement data to place students into classes that are most instructionally beneficial for student achievement.
At a minimum, it is likely for defensive purposes that board members will want to document their deliberations and analyses of such areas as: strategic rationale for the transaction, other acquisition alternatives explored and why this potential target is most advantageous, due diligence process and findings, valuation and support for projections, suitability of the financing structure being adopted, post-acquisition plans to deliver intended benefits and plans to address key people and cultural issues.
Sjostrand prefers to use the second method and dedicates the rest of the chapter to elaborating the idea of 'multi-rationality', assuming that there are several kinds of rationalities related to different rationales. Moreover, he assumes that all these different rationalities affect managerial talk, decision and action.
The study was intended to explore the ability of teachers to articulate their beliefs (through stated rationales for their practices) as well as the personal and professional influences related to those beliefs and rationales.
Regarding the second rationale, preventing the destruction of evidence, the Court said that in this case there was little likelihood that the officer would have found additional evidence of the speeding offense.
Process measures and checks on treatment quality integrity included believability of reason giving and subject evaluations of the value and usefulness of the rationales. The independent variable was the rationale used for the task: acceptance-based versus a control-based as compared to an attention placebo.
Goals for honors programs follow rather predictable patterns that stem from the general rationale for honors and the functions that honors are supposed to perform.
In order to assess the pervasiveness of price rationales, we examined retail newspaper ads appearing in five different metropolitan markets during three different months.