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Birth control is another arrow in the Government's rationalisation quiver, with successive governments trying to get couples to have fewer children, without taking their economic circumstances into consideration.
The Irish Supreme Court will now be asked to decide the future of the rationalisation plan in the light of the ruling by the European Court.
Anglesey council launched its school rationalisation programme last year and is looking at each secondary school catchment area separately.
Chairman David Naish said rationalisation to merge the two companies was almost complete and within budgets.
In the West Midlands alone there is a great deal of activity surrounding rationalisation and the grouping together of like-minded charities.
Cost cutting and rationalisation plans of various militaries and improved web-enabled logistics systems are the most important factors driving this market.
Turley Associates will also be working to secure outline planning for new accommodation for the college's existing Broadway Campus, as well as obtaining outline permission for the residential redevelopment on three outlying sites that will become surplus to requirements following the campus rationalisation.
Rationalisation is an other level of EU bur eaucracy,leading to eventual rule from Brussels.
The solutions will be augmented by Kognitio's expert consultancy services in data management and analysis, platform rationalisation, and managed services administered within focused Service Level based Agreements (SLA).
As a consequence of this, purchasing practices are undergoing a process of rationalisation and reform across Europe.
On November 14, 2002 Sumitomo Metals announced a steel works rationalisation plan, a capital increase plan through private placement, and a de-leveraging scheme.