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By comparing epistemological commitments between psychoanalysts and behavior therapists, Schacht and Black (1985) found that psychoanalysts showed a stronger leaning toward metaphorism, whereas behavior therapists had higher mean rationalism scores.
Schepers's insistence on "strong" rationalism contrasts with the "soft" rationalism defended by Marcelo Dascal and a few others, not least at a memorable conference that took place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in 2005, entitled "Leibniz: What Kind of Rationalist?"The "soft rationalist" reading would transform Leibniz into a somewhat more supple, somewhat more quasi-pragmatist thinker.
As another alternative, occupying middle ground, chromatic rationalism takes moral judgment to be a judgmental act shaping as a result of the complete judgmental situation, in which general moral considerations (moral principles or reasons) do not exercise their effect in an explicit manner; they rather effectuate their influence from the rich morphological cognitive background.
The normative argument, which receives less attention in this article, (12) concerns what became of rationalism, historicism, and popular will under the Great Alliance, and why we might wish to loosen its grip in the name of a better alliance between reason, history, and will in law and legal thought.
In Oakeshott's original usage rationalism is a "fashion," while tradition is a residual category, a matrix from which rationalism has emerged but can never really escape.
If there is a weakness to this book it is that although Bennett's claims are intellectually rich, his argument tends to rely on rather limited sampling--both in the scope of the book, by only addressing four works; and in the chapters, which address a few select moments rather than examining the tensions between empiricism and rationalism more comprehensively.
Melamed unflinchingly articulates what he rightly sees as the anti-ethical implications of Spinoza's rationalism. This essay provides an example of a leading scholar attempting to rethink an historical figure by coming to grips with a central commitment--in this case, naturalism--and subjecting it to an original and penetrating analysis.
What I shall call the 'true rationalism' is the rationalism of Socrates.
Replying to a set of questions, Mr Karunanidhi disputed her charge that contrary to the decisions taken at the BAC, the Question Hour was introduced to avoid the Interim budget being presented at the inauscpious ''Rahu Kalam'' and it was an example of his rationalism.
In the context of the epistemology of modality, an epistemic conception of the distinction between rationalism and empiricism is of primary concern.
The challenge for Christians today is to faithfully appropriate biblical revelation in a genuinely Christ-like way marked by forbearance and civility without falling into the snare of Enlightenment rationalism.
Tresserra, who designs everything from shelving to lamps, relies on a "subtle balancing of characteristics that exploits this century's best design especially art deco and rationalism," according to the company.