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The examination of senior executives is set within a broader statement about the changing role of the state and the significance of the policies of economic rationalists for Australia.
In its report to the government, the Karnataka CID had said that all the three rationalists might have been killed by the same group.
Ahmed gave details to demonstrate that Muslim conceptualization of rationalist and scientific enterprise prior to the 19th century can be used to jettison the narratives that he presented in the first part.
Constant and Tracy, for example, were laissez faire individualists whose commitments would today be called libertarian; yet despite the vast range of their political agreement, Constant leans pluralist, defending local and particularist loyalties as a bulwark against state power, while Tracy leans rationalist, arguing that if the central government represents the entire population, then any intermediate group acting to check its power must represent an illegitimate special interest.
Wilson and his rationalist ilk and delve into Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives.
The rationalist, when he fails, is like an American trying to speak to a foreigner who knows no English; the American thus continues by merely repeating himself in a much louder voice.
An overall assessment of what the editors see as the rationalist movement cannot be carried out without an assessment of attempts to justify the PSR itself.
This country's denial of the rationalist economic model has brought forth astonishing self-delusions.
The rationalist will condemn this person to being blindly faithful.
The Asian Rationalist Society helped to bring his scam to the attention of the authorities.
Rationalist accounts of modal epistemology entail that at least some modal knowledge is essentially a priori.
In her view, Leibniz is not a rationalist who demonstrated by reason the mysteries of the Trinity or the Incarnation.