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Rationalist liberals such as Brian Barry condemn the pluralist approach as illiberal, since in their eyes liberalism historically and essentially stands for, in Levy's words, "equality before a uniform law and the abolition of group-based legal distinctions.
One of the techniques we've developed to break the spell of superstition is what we call Rationalist Reality Theatre.
and second, "has the American constitution, which is an example of the rationalist disposition at work, been especially effective at limiting government?
With the increasing historical insight into the rationalist tradition that scholars are attaining, this most welcome volume--filled with a number of other good essays that I do not have the space to comment on here--provides considerable reason to hope that we can build on the new insights that all of the authors in this volume achieve and arrive at a perspective from which we can better evaluate not only the PSR, but also rationalism itself.
The Asian Rationalist Society helped to bring his scam to the attention of the authorities.
More than any European country, the axis of our history, moral and political as well as spiritual, has been dialogue, preferably vigorous dialogue, between faith and reason, for example, between Voltaire and Pascal--Voltaire, who was not always very respectful of believers, and Pascal, who pursued the rationalist with a lively insistence.
Their letters are a reminder that the Founders were men of the Enlightenment - supreme rationalists who would have found the religiosity of much of our modern political life quite abhorrent.
However, it is with the notion that Lewis approached Christianity primarily from a rationalist perspective that I would take issue.
And, as an atheist who has trouble with notions of the divine, and as a rationalist who can't accept reincarnation, I wondered how much I would find of interest in such an interview anyway.
Meanwhile, Father Moore always seems reasonable, despite his conviction that demons need to be fought, while the ever-intelligent Linney brings introspective persuasiveness to a shrewd rationalist who accepts that there's a lot she needs to learn about the spiritual and moral dimensions religion addresses.
Interweaving the narrative with a young mother searching for meaning and an entomologist whose rationalist diligence leads to the discovery of a new species of moth, Mettler adumbrates an underlying theme in all of his work: the search, as he puts it, for a "balance between intellect and intuition, order and chaos, action and perception.
Of concern to Catholics, however, have been some of Freemasonry's principles, especially secrecy, a rationalist view of religion, solemn oaths, and the virulent anti-Catholic and anticlerical tone adopted by some European Masons.