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Langley, who had given up his teaching career to become a full-time rationalist lecturer.
The examination of senior executives is set within a broader statement about the changing role of the state and the significance of the policies of economic rationalists for Australia.
In its report to the government, the Karnataka CID had said that all the three rationalists might have been killed by the same group.
Ahmed gave details to demonstrate that Muslim conceptualization of rationalist and scientific enterprise prior to the 19th century can be used to jettison the narratives that he presented in the first part.
Levy offers the conftict br,tween rationalist and pluralist versions of liberalism as a lens through which to view current debates over "multiculturalism, religious freedom, freedom of associations, universities, and local governments," inviting us to see these not merely as an assortment of "discrete odd problems," but rather as the "deep and perennial problems" of the liberal tradition.
One of the techniques we've developed to break the spell of superstition is what we call Rationalist Reality Theatre.
The rationalist's or ideologist's desire is to solve permanently the problems of political life and leave everything else to administration.
With the increasing historical insight into the rationalist tradition that scholars are attaining, this most welcome volume--filled with a number of other good essays that I do not have the space to comment on here--provides considerable reason to hope that we can build on the new insights that all of the authors in this volume achieve and arrive at a perspective from which we can better evaluate not only the PSR, but also rationalism itself.
Taking this opportunity to excavate MART'S own archive, Barba creates an imaginative mental parcours of the museum's holdings utilizing such documents as unrealized Futurist screenplays and the product design of Rationalist architect Adalberto Libera.
The rationalist will condemn this person to being blindly faithful.
The head of the Birmingham-based Asian Rationalist Society, has issued the warning after the Mail revealed that fake spiritualist Niem Mohammed has been jailed for 18 months.