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The reign of the Alta conference has accompanied the so-called linguistic or rhetorical turn in the human sciences, within an era when the grounds of what human beings call knowledge are known to exist at least in part in the verbal and rationalistically discursive constructions we call "arguments.
The longing for a rationalistically logical cause and effect explanation seems to fill the daydreams of many researchers.
One of his first moves was to oust the director of Slovak Television and replace him with the rationalistically minded head of the Association of Slovak Journalists, Jozef Darmo, who declared that, according to the constitution, "television cannot continue to be used to offend the nation.
Whether possibly unmeasurable and unpollable through statistical tools, or just unaccounted for by rationalistically biased modes of thought that are comfortably familiar even to left-leaning academics, rage nonetheless seems to surround us.
Criminology', Brown argues, |cannot be rationalistically reconstructed as a set of deductive derivations from founding premises about human or women's nature.