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A DAY after Karnataka's Home Minister G Parameshwara returned from New Delhi after meeting Congress President Sonia Gandhi, he announced the formation of a special team within the Criminal Investigation Department ( CID) to probe the killing of renowned writer and rationalist Dr M.
But Levy himself seems to bring in a broader range of connotations than this, since he associates rationalism with simple principles (Levy cites Mill's "very simple principle" as an expression of rationalism) and legal uniformity (Tracy's insistence that all states should have "the same civil and criminal laws," on the grounds that "a true proposition is true every-where," is described as the epitome of "rationalist philosophical distrust of institutional pluralism").
Her death shook me deeply--and finally made me an active rationalist. Soon after, I founded a rationalist student organization and launched anti-superstition campaigns.
One theme that emerges from the volume is that a broader approach to the rationalists reveals that they have much in common with apparently non-rationalist philosophers.
Rationalists also have no place for excessive exuberance, as such behavior cannot be predicted by mathematics.
Rationalist accounts of modal epistemology entail that at least some modal knowledge is essentially a priori.
Results of the ANOVA were again significant, with constructivists reporting greater attention to emotions (M = 44.52; SD = 4.83) than rationalists (M = 42.61; SD = 6.02), F( 1, 1004) = 30.43, p < .0001.
For most serious rationalists, religion is a weakness of the brain.
Sachdev Virdee, treasurer of the Birmingham branch of the Asian Rationalist Society, said: "Prof Nayak will aim to show people that there is a scientific reason behind these so-called miracles that many vulnerable people fall for and spend money on."
Rationalists are irrational when they do not distinguish between Christians and Christianity, Islam and Muslims, Hinduism and Hindus.
The decision to prosecute members of the opposition rationalist group by the United Democratic Front government in Dubai, for the publication of a book questioning a religious leader, have sparked angry protests.
Most Scottish empirical rationalists were describing processes, potentially accessible to all human groups, not static "natural" characteristics.