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The inspiration for integral human rationality came from two sources: Benedict XVI's encyclical Caritas in Veritate that emphasizes integral human development and Smith's works on constructivist and ecological rationalities, in which he calls for a deeper understanding of how the two rationalities work together, inform each other, and in combination (integration) serve to better explain human action and behavior.
Building on his recently published Rationalities in History: A Weberian Essay in Comparison (Cambridge, 2010), this sequel (or sister-volume) adopts social theory to understand and "convince historians with a wide range of personal values of their own about the content of medieval values" (p.
In opposition to that possibility, Christian Psychology would hope to articulate an ever more compelling Christian rationality that could enter into increasingly productive conversations with all other rationalities that influence the discipline of psychology and the wider world.
I examine this model of competing rationalities from a different perspective.
20) The epistemological field consists of domains--what constitutes the boundaries and internal rules of a given area of knowledge--, discourses, rationalities and disciplines.
Foucault's analysis of La Tentation represents, in many ways, the experience of a modern library search; the uniting of texts through the creation of rationalities that are not the province of a universal order that is the ultimate goal of a positivist approach.
Some critics have celebrated the advent of an era of "generalized communication" in the belief that new technologies will open up a multiplicity of "local rationalities," a multicultural world in which ethnic, sexual, religious, and other minorities would all have voices.
Hence our conceptual schemes, our sciences, our rationalities, and our ethical beliefs all lack the absolute, objective grounding that the traditional philosophical project hoped to provide.