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Acknowledging the dangers of rationality review also offers newfound justification for the Court's oft-maligned "tiered" approach to scrutiny.
To make this argument, we will have to distinguish ecological rationality as it is operationalized in experimental economics and "ecological rationalism" as it is described in Hayek's work.
Circuit puts it, "[t]he 'arbitrary and capricious' standard deems the agency action presumptively valid provided the action meets a minimum rationality standard.
Models of this kind allow prior deliberation to affect the rationality of current choices.
Am I looking for excuses not to change, by painting my failings as too mysterious and complex for mere rationality to address?
With respect to this conception of rationality, the term "rational" is applied to the beliefs and actions of human beings.
7) In many other areas of law, however, the value of applying rational choice theory to legal questions has been questioned and contested by empirically grounded streams of behavioral economics and cognitive psychology that focus on systematic divergences from perfect rationality.
Ross-Smith and Kornberger note that gender is enacted in organizational discourse and embedded in managerial practices: the concept of rationality that is elaborated in western society and enacted in organizational discourse (9) and which informs practices is masculine (rationality keeps on gendering organizational discourses and practices).
We hope that the matter will be handled with wisdom and rationality as dictated by national interests," he said in a statement at the government offices.
And as Winch and Taylor are acutely aware, this in turn brings to fore questions regarding the rationality of unfamiliar, or "alien"--as they have formerly been pejoratively termed--cultures, and in particular that of so called "primitive" cultures.
The implication of this research for the overall project is a need to contemplate more deeply the limits of conscious and cognitive aspects of decision making--we must think more on the role of economic rationality in human choice.
Today, when we are afflicted with so many problems of hatred and killings, it is only rationality that can save us from further insanity and destruction.