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But Brennan's first approach to the case--to strike the statute on "morality" grounds--did not fit the case as argued, and only then did he turn to rationality as the basis of the decision.
In "Rationality in Science," chapter 13 of Rationality in Economics, Smith tackles Hayek's peremptory dismissal of laboratory experiments.
The traditional and highly deferential approach, under the constitutional law of due process, equated rationality review of agency decisionmaking with rational-basis review of legislation.
In my view, the most promising theory of temporally extended practical rationality is Michael Bratman's planning theory, which relies on the capacity of prior intentions to control current actions.
Indeed, if it were to be the case that they did not examine the reasons, they would not be able to decide whether the action, desire, or belief in question is rational or not; and, even if they claimed to have determined rationality on some other grounds, their decision would be arbitrary; or that they could be said not to be really interested in rationality at all.
In Part I, I discuss some weaknesses of rational choice and economic analysis of international law, primarily the limits of assumptions of perfect rationality that are not backed by empirical substantiation.
This paper seeks to fill a gap in the current literature by examining different aspects of women's political participation and representation, gender representation in bureaucratic leadership, the expression of a gendered masculinity for management, and the entrenchment of an intrinsic masculinity associated with the notion of rationality.
In revisiting these pivotal issues at the heart of the Winchean rationality debates, and in drawing some selective comparisons with the Kuhnian incommensurability debates which came to the fore at a similar time, the aim in what follows is to draw on core hermeneutic insights to vindicate the tenability of a hermeneutico-dialogical (1) approach to the problem of intercultural communication and understanding.
The implication of this research for the overall project is a need to contemplate more deeply the limits of conscious and cognitive aspects of decision making--we must think more on the role of economic rationality in human choice.
As someone said, rationality holds us "accountable to the bounds of logic and evidence, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.
In the context of rationality, the development of the behavioral approach introduced and developed individual characteristics, a posteriori theory.
Ross-Smith and Kornberger note that gender is enacted in organizational discourse and embedded in managerial practices: the concept of rationality that is elaborated in western society and enacted in organizational discourse (1)and which informs practices is masculine (rationality keeps on gendering organizational discourses and practices).