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Like Justice White did in his Beazer dissent, Justice Brennan used rationality to exclude potential legitimate governmental ends from consideration.
To make this argument, we will have to distinguish ecological rationality as it is operationalized in experimental economics and "ecological rationalism" as it is described in Hayek's work.
Circuit puts it, "[t]he 'arbitrary and capricious' standard deems the agency action presumptively valid provided the action meets a minimum rationality standard." (2) Hence, courts applying the arbitrary and capricious test review the rationality of agency decisions.
A number of philosophers concerned with practical rationality, however, have developed 'temporally extended' models of practical rationality.
Am I looking for excuses not to change, by painting my failings as too mysterious and complex for mere rationality to address?
With respect to this conception of rationality, the term "rational" is applied to the beliefs and actions of human beings.
Improving our understanding of how limited rationality affects responses to the tax system could also affect our understanding of how limited rationality affects economic and social decision making more widely.
Reasons-based accounts of rationality face, however, an immediate problem.
Kim said, "Using a randomized controlled trial of education support and laboratory experiments that mimic real-life examples, we established causal evidence that an educational intervention increases not only educational outcomes but also economic rationality in terms of measuring how consistently people make decisions to seek their economic goals."
'When negativities shroud your rationality in providing a good opinion, then the decision made at the time is definitely not a good one,' he said.
The foregoing considerations regarding about radical and moderate epistemic akrasia concern propositional rationality. (5) An attitude is propositionally rational for an agent if and only if the agent has sufficient evidence in support of that attitude.
Although Machiavelli did not explicitly refer to metis (or cunning rationality), the fox's attribution as an essential feature of the prince's rationality (Machiavelli, 1998 [1515], XVIII) allows for an understanding of Machiavellian political rationality as metis.