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An Inter-Ministerial Task Force was constituted in June, 2014 for review of existing coal sources as also feasibility for rationalization of these sources with a view to optimize transportation cost.
The government will lose revenues if the corporate income tax is reduced, and so the proposal is to implement it side by side with the rationalization of fiscal incentives," the official told the Inquirer.
Their conclusion is that a dialogue-based leadership that includes the employees is essential when rationalization measures are introduced.
This category was the focus of significant rationalization efforts and can be used as a case study to evaluate the effectiveness of those efforts across the entire store.
Here Swedish wholesaling and the trade association the Federation of Swedish Wholesalers (Sveriges Grossisforbund/SGF) were considered to be in the forefront of the rationalization of wholesaling, together with countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Belgium.
The rationalization of the human mind never ceases to amaze.
Savvy retailers with foresight saw the writing on the wall and started to focus on SKU rationalization (reduction) long before the current economic crisis and consumer cutbacks.
This requires the rigor of a management-driven product rationalization process based on relevant data.
As the title of the theory suggests, the most prominent interrogation tactic for this theory is rationalization.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Akron, OH, announced that its Engineered Products and Chemical businesses are implementing rationalization programs to reduce costs in their operations.
It includes eleven essays (one of which von Saldern co-authored with Karen Heinze and Sibylle Kuster) based on recent and contemporary historiographical developments in social and cultural studies, grouped under three different headings: "The Dynamics of the Working-Class Movement in Society;" "Social Rationalization and Gender;" and "Popular Culture and Politics.
But there is another area that I believe is very important from overall alliance and coalition perspectives, and that is the rationalization of requirements for military assets.