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The committee will organize and participate in conferences and seminars; it will also take part in international and Gulf workshops focusing on rationalization of electricity and water consumption.
The most depressing historical example of rationalization can be found in Mark Noll's brilliant "The Civil War as a Theological Crisis." In the mid-19th century, prominent ministers in the North used the Bible to justify abolitionism, while prominent ministers in the South employed the Bible to justify slavery.
The policy envisages to undertake a comprehensive review of existing sources of coal and consider the feasibility for rationalization of sources with a view to optimize the transportation cost and materialization taking into account coal availability and logistics.
The total revenue increased from average Rs 30 to 40 million after the rationalization policy implemented on commercial consumers only.
The rationalization program was agreed upon by the government and stakeholders after farm-gate prices of chicken and pork exhibited an erratic trend in recent months.
Scholars of religion in general or of one of the Abrahamic religions in particular explore rationalization. Among their topics are forms of rationalization in medieval Jewish thought, Theodore of Mopsuestia: rationalizing hermeneutics and theology, Christian theology as a rationalization of religion: the case of the 19th-century research university, on the divine aboveness (al-fawqiyya): the development of rationalized hadith-based argumentations in Islamic theology, and rationality and rationalism in Islamic mysticism: the case of Ibn al-'Arabi.
Criminologist Donald Cressey's fraud triangle attributes the occurrence of fraud to three crucial elements: a nonshareable financial pressure, an opportunity, and rationalization (Other People's Money: A Study in the Social Psychology of Embezzlement, Patterson Smith reprint series, 1973).
President Duterte earlier signed the SSS Rationalization Act to enable the agency to improve its investing capacity and generate more funds for members and pensioners.
The campaign for the rationalization of electricity using LED bulbs was first set up by a government and private sector in cooperation with the national energy conservation project.
'Our branch rationalization plan follows a comprehensive review of our market presence, branch profitability and opportunities for more efficient customer engagement channels,' said Kevin S.
While talking to reporter here on Friday, Daily Passengers Association (DPA) Chairman Hafiz A Qayyum said that recently the railways increased the fare of 40 trains including 9-Up-10-Down Allama Iqbal Express, which runs between Lahore and Sialkot via Narowal in the name of rationalization.
'I came to meet a situation where there were 3 persons doing the job of a secretary; assembly spends so much to pay staff so we decided to do staff rationalization to save money for the ever-demanding developmental requests from residents of the metropolis...'