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He said after the process of rationalization now no school in Jand would be teacherless.
In the study, rationalizations measures are described as being positive and absolutely essential in order to maintain competitive edge on the global market, and thus resources for good working conditions.
While the real technological and organizational rationalization took off in the 1950s, there had been interesting developments in the discussions on rationalization and efficiency within the SGF from the mid-1940s, which constitute the focus of this essay.
Unfortunately, without a formalized product rationalization process, underperforming SKUs are recognized too late, and the enterprise is faced with eliminating the excess inventory and taking a loss on the product.
Unique to the learning perspectives within the milieu of structured interrogations, rationalizations for the crimes are part of the criminal's learning process.
For all the modernity involved, this did not entail a renunciation of traditional gender roles; instead, the modern household along with all its new appliances declaring out-and-out war on dust and darkness effectively "regendered" the existing norm along the lines of modern rationalization.
Ideally, grade rationalization produces benefits such as improved product mix higher yields, lower costs better quality and optimal financial performance Far too often however, repositioning grades on machines is poorly executed and the results are painful.
A mere rationalization program would not be sufficient, so it will require revamping our (group) structure,'' Junichiro Miyazu told a news conference in reference to the issue of how to streamline the workforce of NTT's two local-call units -- NTT East Corp.
The ideology (rationalization for action) was itself an emergent reality so that with each new development we can see a shift in rationalization and thus ideology.
Fraud research has identified three key indicators that an individual will commit fraud: perceived pressure, perceived opportunity and the person's rationalization or attitude.
I take drugs because I want to win" is another common rationalization of the drug abuser.