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Washington, Dec 15 (ANI): A new study has revealed that rationalization measures often have a major negative impact on both the physical and psychosocial work environment.
This requires the rigor of a management-driven product rationalization process based on relevant data.
Unique to the learning perspectives within the milieu of structured interrogations, rationalizations for the crimes are part of the criminal's learning process.
However, upon noticing any of these rationalizations in oneself or others, a preventive maintenance approach requires immediate examination of the behavior and risks for crossing the boundaries of ethical behavior.
Of course, any new meanings that emerge from dialogue will, in themselves, be rationalizations that will tempt us to take them on as universal meanings.
Fraud research has identified three key indicators that an individual will commit fraud: perceived pressure, perceived opportunity and the person's rationalization or attitude.
I have been able to identify several fractured rationalizations for drug abuse and to draw up a strategic approach to drug counseling.
The picture of the American people is not a pretty one, because too many of us have bought the rationalizations Clinton and his sympathizers are peddling.