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First, the criminal must rationalize that the illicit behavior is in his best interest.
Unfortunately man's capacity to rationalize seems inexhaustible.
Marshall had told her: "I need you to be white and blond and blue eyed." She rationalizes, "An adulterous love is moral." Not surprisingly, in And All Our Wounds Forgiven, the symbiotic relationship between sex and racism is considered the possible impetus for the Civil Rights Movement.
The DOF wants to rationalize the current set of tax perks, which include removing Peza's 5-percent gross income earned tax perk that companies pay in lieu of local and national taxes, while Peza wants a status quo or to even make the package better.
Taking notice of the exorbitant LPG prices in the market, the Ministry of Energy had advised OGRA to conduct third party audit to ascertain the LPG production cost of producers, LPG marketing and distribution margin keeping in view relevant factors in order to rationalize the producer price and marketing and distribution margins for LPG prices, said official documents.
But as I described to you, it is really necessary for us to rationalize it.
drinking water- CC via Pixabay/rawpixel CAIRO - 28 February 2019: Housing Minister Essam el Gazzar said the ministry laid down a plan to magnify the benefit of available water resources and rationalize water consumption.
While PEZA has attributed the drop in investment pledges this year to investors' uncertainties as the government is planning to rationalize the fiscal incentives under the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) 2 or the Tax Reform for Attracting Better and High Quality Opportunities (TRABAHO) bill, Plaza said the agency is assuring both existing and prospective investors it would continue to lobby to retain the current incentives regime.
They said that the cultivation of high-delta crops like sugarcane, rice and the crops, which required more water for irrigation, needed to rationalize and shifting these crops with low-delta water supply crops like pulses, oil seeds including canola and olive to enhance the production of cash crops.
We had been suggesting to rationalize provincial boundaries also as the annexed territories from Afghanistan now made administrative part of Balochistan should also be merged with the KPK Province so that all the major Pakhtun people are grouped in a single province.There is a golden chance for Mahmood Khan Achakzai to support the idea of a bigger Pakhtun Province from Chitral to Pishin so that provincial borders are rationalized on ethnic and linguistic basis ending the senseless conflict with the majority Baloch people enjoying 80 per cent people in the Baloch Mainland.
In a press statement following the meeting, which was headed by the National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim, the Committee Chairman MP Faisal Al-Shaya said that the meeting also tackled plans to rationalize subsidies for basic services and commodities as well as to increase revenues through privatization of some projects and expanding public-private sectors' partnership projects.
NNA - The Public Works Parliamentary Committee held a meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of MP Muhammad Qabbani with talks featuring high on the project to regulate renewable energy and rationalize its use.