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To rationalize a corporate embezzlement, they can present evidence of obtaining the American dream as so embedded in the culture that nobody could be faulted for taking whatever means necessary.
To induce a confession, the investigator would need a complete reserve of face-saving magic words to rationalize Brad's actions ("I understand how you might.
The plan called for the Good People in Washington to rationalize and nationalize the inoculation of America's youth.
The workshop aims at highlighting the role of designs and networks implementation in rationalizing the use of water, developing strategies and organizing long-term awareness programmes to disseminate sufficient awareness in communities on how to rationalize electricity and water, using modern technologies in rationalization and benefiting from successful experiences in the field of rationalizing the use of electricity and water.
Attempts to rationalize risk in fathoms of wampum celebrated its own kind of irrationality, but the Red Men's approach to risk emblematized many of the ideological imperatives around which the middle class formed itself in the mid-nineteenth century.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms, Ahsan Iqbal Thursday said since June 2013, the government managed to rationalize, over Rs 550 billion in 752 development projects.
On the plans to rationalize spending in the state budget, the minister said that the planned measures focus on ending the lavish and unnecessary expenditure.
In its bid to rationalize route network, the local arm of airline giant AirAsia is strengthening its regional operations and reducing its flights domestically.